Weekly Wrap 8.28.17- Week of Celebration

This summer has been fantastic, busy and warm. I am not ready for it to end, but we will move forward .

Thursday - 2.5 miles run and Abs
Friday- 6 miles and 4 1 minute sprints for a total of 7 miles
Sunday - 13 miles long run 

On Monday I met with the always fabulous Megan for drinks and to hang out. Those talks always go by so quickly and I really enjoy talking her, she is so smart and kind. There is no pictures, but it did happen. We are this much closer to solving the first Serial. 

This was my son's first week of school, and we were busy getting back to our school routine. So far, things are going along well, give us 3 more weeks and I will be searching for my notes from Open school night. 

On Thursday, as I mentioned on Friday Five, we drove to Philly for my citizenship test, which I passed. I will talk more about that experience later this week. Most of the day was spent on the road to Philadelphia and back, followed by Back to School night and a quick 2.5 miles. I forgot to take off my hearings and they were clinking on my headphones the entire 2.5 mile run!! 
This is my Flat Citizenship test Taker Ana.... after becoming a runner, this is the only way I remember everything I need

Clinking earrings

On Saturday, my sister and I met up in Philadelphia again to go see Wicked. She has been wanting to go see it for a while, and I can't pass up a chance to see a show. This meant skipping my 8 mile run, but no problem... hanging out with my sister is more valuable than an 8 mile run. 

Sunday I did my last 13 mile run before the Bird In Hand Half. I hit my highest miles this month, at 101! I was so proud of myself, until I told Roger, who said to me that I am overtraining. I quickly shot back that all the runs are those that he has told me to do ( He is my trainer ) and to stop being a hater. Then he said that if I wasn't over-training I should be able to run my long runs without stopping... which I will admit did burn a little... in the summer I find it almost impossible to run without stopping, I stop every mile or so. But still, I have skipped at least 2 runs this month, which would make my mileage higher. I finally said to him, "You could just say 'Wow! that's amazing! I'm proud of you' and keep your negative thoughts to yourself. "

I'm wearing blue! What is wrong with me? 

This is the part where I tell you that Roger has been injured, some pain in his foot and his calf, and he is a very competitive person, but as I told him, I did not injure him and I am not in a competition with him. 

Bird In Hand 5K and Half marathon are in 2 weeks, the week after I have the Philly R'n'R Half, both of which I am very excited for, but which means the next two weeks are taper and focus on what I am eating and drinking. 

Currently Reading 
Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler. This book has been on my list of books to read for a long while, which is why I made an exception on my " Only One book by white males per month" rule. The book is quirky and thoughtful so far.  

How was your weekend? 

Did you watch the eclipse? 

Did you listen to Serial? 

What colors are you wearing today? 


  1. You did have a fun week! I am sorry Roger is injured but I don't think you are over training. You don't seem burned out and are enjoying all of your runs. GOOD WORK. I love flat citizenship test taker. That is freaking hilarious! Those red pants are fly. Do people say fly anymore? I found an awesome reddit thread... https://www.reddit.com/r/serialpodcast/comments/3drruc/on_the_fence_after_serial_adnan_is_guilty_after/

    I had fun hanging out with you too! :) At this point we could run an ultra together and have enough to talk about!

    1. Thank you! I don't think I'm overtraining, it doesn't feel like it... I'm not in pain all over and no injuries.

      My sister was the one who told me she needed a picture of my Flat Citizenship test taker, she needed to approve my outfit.

      That is an awesome idea! Do an ultra with somebody one enjoys talking to, and the miles will just disappear !

  2. I'm so glad that you and Meg hang out together! This makes me so happy, and I wish I could join you! I didn't really watch the eclipse. I had to bring my oldest son to the ER for X-Rays--he broke his arm AGAIN. So I wasn't really in the mood. I love your writing and your humour. You are so so SO funny. :)

    1. We need to hang out together Suzy! Beer, wine and sangria, and lots of laughing and snacking too.

      Jake broke his arm again?? I hope you got a discount on the cast this time around.

  3. Congrats on passing the citizens test! So now that Roger is injured did you as HIM if HE was over training? ...lol. Just kidding of course.

    1. Thank you!!

      Roger is a great trainer, but he doesn't listen to himself when it comes to his own training. One week he is all "You need to do the right amount of miles" and the next he is all "I don't want to do that many miles"... I really don't say anything to him about it, he doesn't want to hear it and I want to be supportive.

  4. Sounds like a great week! I haven't seen Wicked yet but it's high on my list of shows I want to see. Sorry that Roger's dealing with pain too but he definitely should keep the negativity away from you :)

    1. Wicked was good, but I am spoiled by listening to the Idina Menzel version of Deifying gravity. We are considering becoming theater members to get tickets for Hamilton!

      That's just how Roger is... He doesn't mean it in a mean way, I think it's more that he wishes he was doing as much running. I'm not making excuses for him, I just know how his mind works.

  5. My son and I listened to Serial on our road trips this summer. We never finished it. I think I'm the only person who thought it was so-so. I do want to finish it though, because I'm curious how it all plays out.

  6. That's funny you lay out your non-running clothes, too! Honestly, it's a great strataegy to ensure nothing is forgotten ;-)

  7. Awww, sounds like Roger is taking out his aches on you. The moods dips when we can not run...I am guilty of that! That is fabulous month!! I missed a higher mileage this time, but I do love how accomplished you feel when you hit the triple digits.
    Your citizenship out fit is very pretty! Congrats on passing :)


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