Weekly Wrap 8.13.17

Happy Monday to you! I had another busy week, with a few trips and some work.

Thursday- HARRC After Dark 7K + .50 miles warm up and 1 mile run to the car
Friday - Weights and abs
Saturday- 9 miles and abs
Sunday - 12 miles long run and abs

On Monday I was supposed to run 5 tempo miles, but my body was totally wiped out! All the driving and weekend activities caught up to me. Plus I was at the tail end of my period, and my body needed a short nap, or what I thought would be a short nap, I woke up 1 hour later and still felt tired. I only got up because I needed to do some laundry, if not, chances are I would still be in bed.

This week was 2 days of vacation with my son, he goes back to school soon, and we are trying to squeeze everything out of the summer. So, as I shared last week, we headed out to Sesame Place with my mom and my niece. I made a point to find my mom a shaded spot to sit, while the kids and I were doing rides, and lots of water. It was a huge success, everybody loved the park and everybody was tired at the end of the day.

My mom and I used the drive time to catch up on life. My mom is a talker, and I don't call her enough. I caught her up on how work was going, on who I don't talk to anymore, who had become friends and plans for running this fall.

On Thursday I had an appointment with the Mexican consulate in Philadelphia, to renew my passport. The process was a lot less painful than it used to be years ago, but they still tested my patience. I was in line to pay for the renewal, and the cashier walked away, and didn't return for at least 45 minutes. Good thing I had drank my 24 oz of coffee prior to arriving.

Later Thursday night, I made an attempt for a local 7K. The Harrisburg Area Road Runners Club organizes this afternoon race, and I had been wanting to try it for the last 3 years. It finally worked out with my schedule! 7K is an interesting distance and I did ok in it.... by ok, I mean I ran the whole thing without stopping to walk, as much as my legs wanted to!

The River Runners

sweaty post race selfie

Last week, Roger told me that I have been slacking on the weights quite a lot, and I know he is right. So he planned an intense leg and abs workout for me on Friday. My legs were shaking by the end of it, and are still sore today. He has more weights planned for the rest of the month.

I did 9 miles on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. Nothing remarkable about either... well, on Saturday I was only supposed to run 8, but got really caught up on my audiobook, that I ran too far. We also went for ice cream after, because it was hot! and Roger made us a delicious dinner, which it's mandantory to brag about.

Random Story
I don't really have a random story today, just rambling thoughts. As I watched the news, and heard on the radio this weekend, the protest in Charlottesville Virginia terrify me. My appointment for my citizenship has been scheduled, and as I am diligently studying for the test, it dawns on me that many of this white nationalist are not loyal to the United States and their ideas of bigotry and hatred, have no place in this country.

Currently Reading
I couldn't help myself, and went backwards. I started Cinder by Marissa Meyer, the 1st book of the Lunar Chronicles, I have a soft spot for YA novels.

Tell Me about you!!

How is your summer vacation going?

How often do you call your mom ?

Do you update your mom on which friends you are not talking to anymore?

What was the most delicious meal you ate last week?


  1. Summer is ending way too fast!!! :( You got some great runs in this weekend! Yesterday I did 10 miles and I felt like THE SHIT. ;) I should probably lift today since I have been slacking on that too.

    1. It is going way too fast! I was going to go for a run on Friday after weights, but your voice in my mind kept saying "if you worked out hard at weights, you don't need to run, just rest". I rely on other people for a voice of reason... because I can get crazy.

      10 miles!! way to run woman!!

    2. Awww good I am glad you used my voice of reason.... because on friday I ran AND did weights lol!!!! But that was the first time in a lonnnnnnnng time.

  2. I'm glad things went well with your mom at Seasame Place and she didn't get too cranky...lol. Nice that you got to catch up with her on the drive. Did you tell her about our race this fall?

    1. My god! I was slightly cranky, I was so busy taking care of everybody else, that I was neglecting myself. I was totally wiped out by the time we got to the car!

      I did tell my mom! She wanted to know how long I would be running, and got scared when I said Marathon, but I explained to her that I would be splitting it up with my teammates.

  3. I love that Roger kicked your ass with the weights! I need to get back into strength training too, but mehhhhhhh. I love your sunglasses. You're so cute. I have a hard time talking to my mom because she's quite deaf, so it's frustrating, and when we DO talk she often preaches at me about religion and I HATE IT. I don't have the greatest relationship with her, but I do know that I should make more of an effort. BAH.

    1. I get it! I have a hard time talking to my mom too, we are both strong minded and we don't agree on everything. But as I have gotten older, I have learned that I can't fight with her because of our differences... I just nod and tell myself that she has the best intentions. My favorite mom moment is when she asks somebody for an opinion, and then turns around and does exactly whatever she wants to do, she is golden!

      He totally did kick my butt!

  4. you had a wonderful weekend. very interesting post. keep it rocking up

  5. Yay, I'm glad that the trip to Sesame Place worked out well! And I'm impressed that you did those long runs after the hard workout with the weights on Friday :)

  6. My mom is a talker too, I call maybe once a week because she keeps me on the phone so long. We talk about her fake farm games she plays LOL I liked the 7K distance!
    How does a cashier leave for 45 minutes...ridiculous!


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