All I want for Christmas

Christmas Wish list

I just finished putting together the Christmas list for my family. We have grown up a lot in the last 5 years and have made our list about things that we can / will use; which prevents wasting money for all of us and hoarding for others. Last year somebody even asked for a bottle of Ketchup, it was a joke but it ended up being used.

In other years I have asked for things that I don’t use. For some reason that I don’t understand now, I asked for a deep fryer and a food processor one year. I lost the fryer on my divorce, but I’m glad to not have the fryer anymore. Other years I asked for work out leggings and I got an awesome pair of bright pink capris leggings. A color I would have never bought for myself, but that I love.

Last year I didn’t ask for many things, I asked for a DVD/CD combo of my favorite Artist, Enrique Bunbury and a few movies. I was fortunate to get a pair of super awesome Adidas Hiking sneakers, an iPad mini and socks. Those sneakers were amazing and I wish I had two pairs! and the socks have totally rocked my toes for over 1 year!!


This year… this year I’m debating on what to ask for. I currently don’t have a lot of space for things, and there are not many things I want. Like I told my sister last year, I feel fortunate to be alive and healthy. It has been another amazing year, I accomplished things this year that I never knew I was capable of (The half marathon) and all I can ask for is health for my son and me.

Here are things that I want that are not possible to get

1.      I want my younger sister to not be so stressed out that she is angry at the smallest things.

2.      I want my ex-husband to stay out of my business and cooperate with co-parenting without giving me guilt trips.

3.      I want to have the courage to go on runs in the dark.

4.      I want to have the power to change what I eat, i.e., stop craving French fries, burgers and donuts.

5.      I want my son to be better at doing what I ask him to do, such as doing his homework when we get home, rather than waiting until he is in bed.

6.      I want to have better concentration at work…. Bc I’m writing this post from work

7.      I want to complete my Amazon 100 Books to read list…. Ok, that one is more plausible than the others, but still seems hard.

8.      I want the extra energy to go to the gym twice a week.

9.      I want AIMF to have a Thursday night zumba class taught by Denise or Susan.

10.  I want my supervisor to LISTEN to the things I say, and not get mad at me when I disagree with her.

11.  I want my apartment to have two extra magical closets… by magical I mean that I can put everything that is in my way now… so basically a TARDIS.

12.  Time to binge watch Doctor Who

13.  Another Harry Potter book. Many say they want to know what happened to Harry Potter and the gang after the last book, but I think that would be boring. I want a book about the Marauders while they were in Hogwarts, I want to learn more about Snape, Sirious and Lupin.

14.   More time to read** Yes, I am asking for time to read 3 times, I know!

15.  More time to spend with my son

16.  A machine that will take me anywhere I want in 2 minutes or less.

17. A Bunbury Concert before the end of 2015.

Here are things I want to get for myself for Christmas

1.      A new iPhone

2.      A Garmin Forerunner 220 or an iWatch

3.      Gym leggings.

4.      To run 4 half marathons in 2015

5.      More runs