Running in the FL heat

This past weekend I went with Roger to the Florida Aikikai Winter Seminar. He has been attending for many years, but skipped it last year. So this year he was very excited about going, I was more excited for some rest, food and warmer running weather… I got only one of the things I wanted, but not much of it.

Roger told me that the weather in Florida was calling for rain and 80°-85° temperatures for the days that we were there. I packed pants and short-sleeve shirts, thinking that if it was raining it would feel a little breezy. I also packed my favorite Adidas running shorts and my Wal-Mart light running shorts, overall my favorite running outfit, light and breezy.

We arrived on Thursday night at 10:45, and as we waited for the shuttle for the car rental, it was warm and humid. I was surprised that it felt so humid so late in the day, but that’s Florida. Getting the car rental proved to be a new test of patience and sanity… it took a long time to finally get a car, which was not very clean. We arrived at where we were staying around 12:45 am, washed our face and went to bed. Roger was doing this first seminar class the next day at 9, and we had a 1 hour drive back to Fort Lauderdale. So woke up at 6:15 am to take a quick shower, and get dressed, since Roger said we were to leave at 7:15. We got around to leaving at 7:35 and had to come back to get the beach chair and a towel. Traffic was bad. I said I would never complain about Harrisburg Traffic again, because Miami Florida is 20 times heavier and longer.

I packed my running stuff, thinking I could go for a run after taking some pictures of Roger, but I was really tired from the night before. Instead, I walked around the hotel, to the beach, to the store to get a few things we forgot. It was also a very hot day, and starting to run in Fort Lauderdale after 11 would have been torture at the 85° and humidity. I put it off until the next day.

We went to the Greek restaurant for lunch, and the food was amazing!

In between taking pictures and walking around, I was reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, documenting his life and how he started running Ultra Marathons, and became a vegan. The book is pretty interesting! I am just amazed at the distances he runs and about the other runners and people he talks about. It also got me interested in cleaning up my diet, and reducing my meat. I have become very dependent on meat in my diet, and I think that if I want to continue to improve my running, my diet will have to change more. Weird, on Wednesday I was listening to Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougall, and he focused a lot on the Paleo Diet, and in decreasing carbs. Both Authors talk about cutting back on carbs, which I have always have a difficult time with, but both made me think about adjusting meals for me and my son, especially because my son is a very picky eater and his mean food is pasta and bread.


Now to the running: We got back to Fort Lauderdale Saturday around 10. The sun was blazing, it was humid and hot. But I was going to run, no avoiding it on Saturday. I had slept well, I ate and I need to get some miles in. I stretched, and contemplated my route. I was going on Galt Ocean drive, up to N Ocean Blvd, as long as I could go, then back to Galt Ocean drive and to Lauderdale by the Sea. It was very hot, so the plan was to run the 5 planned miles, jump in the ocean and then rinse off in the showers by the ocean.

My starting point for 5 Miles


We ran in hot weather here in PA all summer, and dripped in sweat for many months. But it’s easy to forget the sweating days. I started running, sweating and panting. I made it 2 miles out before I was very hot and thirsty.

I am used to running in Hersey Jonathan Eshenour Memorial trail, where it’s park, trail and some convenience stores across the street. In comparison in Fort Lauderdale there were shops along the route, and I knew that the Starbucks was calling my name, and my body was begging for an iced green tea. 2.25 miles in I went into the Starbucks all sweaty and ordered my drink. I waited outside, dripping in sweat. With my renewed energy, I started running again, past the hotel where Roger was doing his aikido seminar. I was very hot, and still a little tired, but kept running and moving in the blazing sun and humidity. I arrived at Lauderdale by the sea and ran over to the beach. I had been running with my cup of iced green tea, taking slow sips as I kept moving. It was so hot, that the ice melted before I made it to the beach.

The view of that beach is magnificent. But I was only 3.75 miles in. Kept running and knew my distance would end up being a little over 5, but that it was too hot to keep running at my slow speed, and I had to start running even slower.

I completed 4 miles just past the small park and took a short break. I did a few sprints, then to the outside showers to cool off. I checked my watch, Roger’s class was about to end in 16 minutes. I had 16 minutes to move 1.3 miles. So, this is where the extra energy would kick in or I would have to call Roger for a ride. I decided to spring one block, and fast walk the next, my twisted version of fartlek. I made it back, completely sweaty in 12 minutes.

Fish Statue at Lauderdale by The Sea
I was very surprised with myself for completing the whole 5 miles, when at 3 miles it didn’t feel possible. The clothes I picked were perfect for the weather, I had to take off my tank top around mile 3, but I put it around my running belt and it stayed there for the rest of the run with no problems. I only wish I would have packed the extra sports bra, because my boobs were bouncing all over the place and I really hate it when my boobs bounce on a run.

Recovery macchiato and dessert