When are we going Hiking again?

"When are we going Hiking again?"
Asks Roger as I lay in the couch crying over Katniss volunteering for her sister, even thought I've watched this movie 6 or 7 times, and read the books 3 times, this scene still gets me.

"I don't know," I answer wiping my tears away.

We haven't gone hiking since we went to see Turkey Point with my sister, back in October. We have had a super busy month. Between moving, going to Florida and visiting my family; every weekend has been taken up by an activity or other. This last weekend we met up with my siblings to go see Mockinjay part 2, a date that has been scheduled since early August. and Sunday I had a 5K and a long run after. So we decided to make our long run on Sunday a trail run. Pick a park, find a trail and run it... and walk if we have to. Therefore exploring the park and nature, as we also run our miles for the week.

We picked Memorial Lake State Park, and decided to cut our run to 5 miles, since the park only had 2 miles of hiking paths.

Sunday after the run was cold, I was tired during the Girls On The Run 5K, and it was also very cold. We picked up a hot beverage after the 5K, and headed out to the park from Hershey. I was cold and tired, so I kept trying to convince Roger to stay in with Chocolate Croissants at Starbucks, it didn't work.. it never works!

The park has a big lake as the center of it. Big parking lot, which was mostly empty. We geared up and after light warm up, we took off. Roger went faster, which was expected, I had given 100% at the 5K earlier, and I really really just wanted to go home and take a nap. The wind felt very cold in my face, but I pushed along.

We ran around the late to the other parking lot and turned around. I make a lot of mistakes when I go for runs, and for races. I changed my shoes to my trail running shoes / the shoes I wear for hiking, from my Nike Free. Well, my right knee didn't like that. I started to feel a numb pain in my left knee right around 1.5. I slowed down, thinking it would go away, that I just needed to adjust to running in rocks and tree limbs. We went over to the bridge by dam, which provided a beautiful look of the lake. We ran across the bridge and went out to the road.

Shortly after leaving the bridge, the pain in my knee started to be sharper and made it difficult to run. I stopped and walked. Checked the miles and noticed we were at 3 miles. I wasn't sure my knee would last 2 more miles, but I pushed along. I had to stop every .25 miles and the hills were just not possible.

We finished our 5 miles right around the parking lot where we had started. My knee was in some pain and I had walked about 1 mile of the 5 mile run, but it was done!

We enjoyed the trail running, and will definitely be doing more of it in the coming months.