VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #7

Good morning ! How is everybody doing today? how was your weekend?  I hope you stayed cool and got all your work outs and miles done!

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Work outs this week
Monday - Zumba with Susan, and Weights
Thursday - 5mile trail run
Friday - 3 mile progression
Saturday- Masters Zumba with Denise and Susan. 4 mile hike.
Sunday - 12 miles long run

Run 20 Miles
Weight - 1
Zumba - 2
Hike 4 miles

The theme this week was soaked in sweat! It's July, which calls for lots of sweaty runs.

Thursday sweaty run at Pinchot Park with Jodi. We took a dip in the water behind us after the run.

A Friday sweaty progression

A sweaty Zumba work out... no pictures of that.

A sweaty hike at Caledonia State Park

Followed by a really yummy fresh burger at this place :

And finished the week with a super sweat soaked long run on Sunday.


So, in my long run I kept thinking about all the advice I've read in blogs about how to run in the heat... so I decided to give you my advice on it!

Ana's crazy advice for running in the Heat
  • Sleep in if you need to... a run at 6:00 on a Sunday is very little fun, and Panera is not even open at 6 for breakfast! But start drinking cold water as soon as you wake up.
  • Have an ice cold drink, preferably a slushy of some sort. This way you are getting some ice in your stomach and cooling you off.
  • Run in a park, it's at least 10 degrees cooler in State parks, and chances are, they have a creek or a body of water to dip in after your run.
  • Throw water on your head, arms and legs when you stop for water.
  • Listen to cool music! Did you see The Revenant? I did, and I was wearing fleece pants and a jacket, but still felt frozen cold the entire movie. So I'm adding this idea to the music while running, think Ice Ice Baby, Let it Snow (I never understood why this was a Christmas song), Let it Go, Siempre Hace Frio (It's Always Cold) and Baby is Cold Outside. Stay away from Nelly's It's Getting Hot In Here!
  • Treat yourself to a cold /Iced beverage of your choice when you are done! Because You ARE AWESOME and you just ran in the heat!
Here is link for the Another Mother runner podcast with REAL Summer Running Advice. Check it out, it's hilarious!

I hope you had an awesome week in Training or just an awesome week in general!


Your turn!!

Do you have any other "Cool" Songs I  don't know about?
What other running in summer advice do you have?
How is your training going?
What is the hottest you have run in? for me right now it's 93 degrees.


  1. My advice for running in the heat is don't. But if you do, I find complaining about it helps. Since you're the only one out running in the summer heat, people will want to listen to your sorrows & woes. Bonus points if you complain while out running in the heat with others.

    Haha, but seriously. Running in the heat blows. I do try to run in the early AM, in shady spots & always drink something icy & cool afterwards.

  2. Jessie! you had me laughing so hard!! Yes! I agree! complaining does help! and complaining with other runners is way more fun!

  3. haha, you are right the theme of the month is sweat!!!
    Wouldn't it be awesome if someone gave you a slushie about half way on your long run :) That is what I need lol not gonna happen, but a girl can dream :)
    Great mileage this week!

  4. Karen,

    I figure we need to call it what it is... sweat! sweat from our hard work!

    since Roger hasn't been running much, he has thought of starting a Ice Cream / slushie bike to sell to runners and walkers at our local park. I know I would pay $3 for an ice cold bottle of water in the middle of the park!

  5. I love it when someone brings Icee Pops to our group run for after. It's the most wonderful thing in the world after a hot and humid long run.

  6. I have been running in the woods and on trails this summer as soon as I can. I didn't realize what a temp difference there is but it is amazing. It seems like there is so much heat and humidity in the US this summer. We are lucky here, no humidity !

  7. OH yes Heather! popcicles are the best after a long hot run!

  8. Karen,

    Humidity was not something I had experienced until I moved to the USA... and it's rough!

    Dry hot is not much fun either!

  9. My hot weather advice for when it's borderline too hot is to run neighborhood loop dee doops so you're never more than 5-10 minutes from your house where you can either bail or pop in to cool off in the a/c and then head back out again!

    1. That is excellent advice Megan! I like that a lot when I saw it on your blog! I'm going to give that a try this summer !

  10. Great job getting your workouts in even with the heat! Great tips!

  11. Heading out into the heat as we speak! I'm going to take the foot for a test run. It will be slow.

  12. Way to get it done in the heat! I love the tips. And that's great that you were able to take a dip in the water after that first sweaty run of the week. I'm sure that helped a lot.

    1. Chaitali, I feel I need a pond on all
      My runs now !

  13. I've definitely heard that slushies are GREAT for cooling down! I don't know about sleeping in, though...it gets so hot here that I prefer to run before sunrise if I can!

    1. Ali,
      I kept seeing that suggestion to get up early and it was making me feel like I wasn't trying hard enough. And I need my sleep too !! But I sincerely applaud all of the early morning runners !

  14. My trick is to listen to Christmas music when it's hot. It works! A dip in the water is a given for me. I've heard the tip about the slushy but can't imagine my family would enjoy me crushing ice at 5 a.m. LOL. We will survive this heat! Thanks for linking, Ana!

    1. Christmas music most definitely makes me think cold!

      yes, I'm sure your family would not love the blender at 5:00 am!

      Thanks for the link up!

  15. Ha love the theme, I could adopt it too! I don't know about tricks I have but yours sounds good! I guess my biggest thing I try and do is be hydrated before I run. :)

    1. Yes Tricia! hydration is essential!!


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