Goal Check In - Halfway Through 2016

I started this year with very lofty goals, overconfident that everything would stayed as planned, and left very little room for anything but my goals. Next year, I need to take into consideration getting sick, and schedule conflicts. But at the same time, I accomplished other things that did not feel possible last year.

Races I wanted to Run, but didn't

Hershey 10K - Sick, and schedule conflict
Garden Spot Village Half - Recovering from being sick

Bunny Palooza 10K- Sick
Races that I didn't expect to run
I'm currently registered for 6 more races later this year.
Other Non - running Goals
Cut back on Instagram- that was made easier when my sister told me she expected me to stay below my data usage each month... I'm in a family plan with all my siblings. I'm doing ok with this one.
Read 85 books- I'm failing at this one. So far I am on book 30, so I fell 10 books behind. But adding more marathon running, took time away from my reading. However, if I count the books I read with my son, I could easily be at 50.... we have read most of Junie B Jones, and are starting The Magic Tree House Series.
Zumba 2 times per week- AIMF cut my wings on this one.... I'm down to 1.5 per week. and after September, I will be looking for a new studio. (Anybody tired of my crying about AIMF closing yet?)
Getting weights in 2 times a week has also been a huge challenge. I'm also averaging 1.5 times per week.
We have hiked 2 new parks so far this year, Susquehannock State Park and Caledonia State Park. Still time for 2 more.
Giving up
I'm not ready to talk about giving up Coke. I had a major setback in May. I slowly started adding Coke to every lunch I had, my body reminded me of this at the beginning of June, when I was tired after running.

I hope your goals are going according to plan, and if they are not... you are still awesome!!

What unexpected races did you do this year?
Missed anything you wanted to do?
What goals are you on point with?
what goals do you want to work on?


  1. Even though you missed some races you thought you would do, you are still racing a lot this year!

    I set some goals for this summer but I have not met many of them. I have been sleeping and sitting on the couch a lot instead of going cool places to run and trying kayaking!

    1. Megan, I signed up some races because I was mad at work... Mental note - don't sign up for races when mad at work!

      But sitting on the couch is so comfy ! Time to get going on those summer goals!

  2. Wow, you had some ambitious goals! And it looks like you've made good progress. Getting sick can definitely throw things off and it's never something I plan for either.

    1. Chaitali, getting sick is pretty awful! And this bug I had lasted a while too !

  3. You are a racing machine! I didn't expect to do a local 12K but it ended up being a nice fit into my schedule. I'm contemplating doing a marathon relay 2 weeks before Chicago but haven't made up my mind about it yet.

    1. Thank you Raquelita!

      A 12K? how cool is that! and a marathon relay? oh wow! I can't wait to hear how that goes!

  4. I hate when I plan on doing a race and things get in the way. I'm the worst at running sick - if I love a race and signed up already, I'll definitely do it, even though it's bad for me!

    I cut out soda when I was in college and didn't drink it for YEARS. Recently I've had a glass once in awhile if I need a quick pick-me-up. Sometimes it's hard to say no - the bubbles are SO nice. And I crave coke after a long, HOT run.

    1. I admire that you will do a race even when sick if you like it!

      The bubbles are really nice!! The bubbles and sweet feel so good after a long run!

  5. I did one unexpected race and also missed a race due to my foot being hurt. That is a alot of books to read! Even the 30 you read is really impressive!

    1. Lisa, so you are even! missed one, but did an extra!

      thank you, you are very kind!

  6. I am definitely doing the Hershey 10K in 2017. Maybe I'll see you there. I just got my but in gear this week and started doing things i've wanted to do all summer. I see we only have 6 Weeks left..lol

    Oh, and your goal for books is super impressive ( even at 30)!

    1. Meranda,

      we will have to be in touch about the 10K! I hope to do the 10K as well!

      way to get on the things you wanted to do! I hope you get them all done!

      Thank you!


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