Tuesdays On The Run - Come Run With Me !

Come Run with me, Let's run, let's run away... If you can use some exotic Gus, there is a bar in the running store... ok, I lost it there. Original words by  Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. I only replaced fly with run, because the song is a classic.
Linking up with PattyErika, and Marcia. Today's theme on Tuesday's On the Run is Scenes from your Summer runs, and here are some hills.... I mean scenes from my summer runs.
I love running in Harrisburg, it's mostly flat and it makes me feel fast. But Roger is not a fan. That is what running groups were made for!

The Susquehanna sunset

The Susquehanna Moonrise

Running by our gorgeous Capitol Building
 One of our favorite routes is in Hershey, the Jonathan Eshenaour Trail. It's about 10 miles long and if we are there on the right day, we can sometimes smell the chocolate from the Hershey Factory. The trail is a mix of hills, flats, trail and ducks!

Letting the ducklings cross the path

On top of the hill looking at the farms

The trail in Shank Park

the uphill in the housing development.

And my favorite... Camp Hill and Lemoyne

At the top of the hills in Lemoyne


At the border of Camp Hill and Lemoyne. My zumba studio is way in the back

Looking down the hill
I love Camp Hill because we park the car at this precious coffee shop, Cornerstone. And I can get a small snack before the run, and a giant ice tea and cookie after. They also know that we run from there, and are always really nice to us. I'm spoiled now and have to finish runs at coffee shops... must have food!

What are your running grounds like?
What is your must have after a long run?
Hills, or no hills?
What is the yummiest smell you have when running?


  1. I love seeing pics of our beautiful Central PA cities! I didn't know you sometimes run from Cornerstone. That is genius.

    Sometimes when I run in my hood, I smell rye bread and pop tarts. Very strange! If I run towards Lower Allen Drive, I can smell Texas Roadhouse... which is dangerous!

    1. Yes Megan! Our Pa Cities are beautiful! I agree!

      I use Cornerstone as my midpoint, so I can any direction and return there for water, bathroom, cookie... whatever else I need!

      Rye Bread? where from? Texas roadhouse has the best bread!! I can go there just for the bread!! Yes, very dangerous indeed!

    2. I have no clue where the rye is coming from! Hey you figured out how to reply directly to comments!?!??

    3. I did!! I messed up something else, but figured out the comments!

      oh, I wonder if the rye smell is from the Nabisco Factories by Mechanicsburg?

  2. I would love to run and smell chocolate! My runs are mostly on trails so it's pretty boring. Sometimes I'll go to town and I can smell crunch n munch and / or spaghetti. That town is the home of Chef Boyardee! (it smells yummy)

    1. Meranda, maybe next year when you come for the 10K, we can catch some chocolate scents from the race!

      Yums spaghetti!

      My parents live close to a tastycake factory, and in the afternoons it smells like fresh donuts.

  3. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! That's really cool that you can sometimes smell the chocolate from Hershey's. I live close to a local chocolate factory in Chicago called Blommer's, and the aroma is amazing! Although, I read somewhere that technically the chocolate scent is considered air pollution. Imagine that! LOL

    1. Thank you Emily! It seems everything is pollution... human gas is pollution... but I would rather smell chocolate.

  4. You have beautiful running spots! We're SO flat here I cringe when I see hills like that. We were in PA last summer and I was on the struggle bus often.

    1. Thank you Marcia!

      how do you train for hilly races?

      My fiancé is from Florida, and the hilly PA was a shock to his running!

  5. I've never been to PA- and your pictures are making me regret that big time! It looks so lovely up there. Happy running!


    1. Come on right over Patty! we have great races and we are not going anywhere! WE also have Hershey Park ;~)


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