Weekly Wrap: VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #8

Good Morning everybody! How are you today? I hope everybody had an awesome weekend in training.
Tuesday - Weights +  HARRC Full Moon Run 3.5 miles
Wednesday - Harrisburg Mile
Thursday - 3 easly early morning miles
Totals : 7.5 miles
Last week my theme was sweaty and hot, and surprisingly 3 days last week were a bit cooler... like the temperatures were in the 80s instead of in the 90s.
This week, sadly, the theme was pain. Two weeks ago my calf/ankle pain started to subside. I started warming up more before my runs, but on Tuesday I started having some pain in the back of my right heel. I googled it. Some articles claimed lack of stretching my calves/ ankles.

Tuesday, arrived home to this

I have a love hate relationship with suspension training...

I ran with the a combination of three running groups, about 18 people were there. It was a different type of run... The run was to be 3 or so miles, with stops at three local breweries. Almost everybody had a beer at the first brewery, and then ran 1 mile to the next brewery. I didn't drink, because 1. I don't drink much, 2. I don't drink when training. The run was fun, we ran in Harrisburg, by the capitol and other buildings. I really enjoyed it. And I felt pain on my right heel the entire time we ran.
All day Wednesday I felt the back of my heel tingling, and was very nervous because we had the Harrisburg Mile race that night. I iced it, massaged it, put an ankle support thing on and kept stretching my feet. I was not going to drop out of a 1 mile race!

After work, on my way to the start line, I saw my son running with his father's girlfriend. I asked him if he wanted me to run with him, he said yes. He had 3/4 of a mile left to run.

Before the Race Selfie

We both look really short in this picture.... we are short, but we act tall!

My age group was to start at 7:15. Jodi, Emily and I were very nervous... we had never run a mile race before. I'll do a recap later this week.

My garmin said my time was 7:17. My official results were 7:12. 10th of the 30-35 group. Rogers Time was 8:38.

I got up extra early on Thursday to run 3 miles on my hood. It felt really good, I only wished I had more time to run.

Sun in one side

Moon-set on the other side. (Moon set, because if there is a sunset, there has to be a Moonset)

 The pain didn't bother me during this run, but it came back later that day.

Sunday was just waay too hot. That and the pain in the back of my heel was still tingling a bit, so we skipped the long run. I want to feel bad about it, but I don't. The road will be there when it's a tad cooler and when my heel is no longer hurting.

Other Numbers
40 days to Virginia Beach Half
46 days to Bird In Hand Half

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

How was your Week In Training?
Any pain?
How hot is it where you are?


  1. The brewery run sounds fun! But no way could I drink a beer at the first brewery and then keep running, I'm impressed with people that managed to do that. I'm sorry about the pain in your ankle :( I hope it's better soon. The road will definitely still be there when it's cooler and when your foot is better.

    1. I know Chaitali ! Most people had a small beer and still ran! A bit slower, but ran! I was amazed !

      Thanks !

  2. Great job on the mile!!! Reading this made me wish I had run it. I hope your heel calms down. I woke up to my left heel hurting. The same type of hurt I get before PF! It doesn't hurt anymore, just lie the first 5 minutes of walking around. I am NOT running today or for the next couple days. I am so over this. :(

    1. Megan, I hope your foot is feeling better today! And I hope you are enjoying your days of rest!

  3. You rocked the mile!! Well done :) That is nice you got to run with your son too.
    I like you are short but act tall, I need to remember that! I am 5'2"
    I hate the darn nagging aches and pain and stuff, I have been there done that sadly...I hope it calms down for you. Currently my foot is starting to rebel. It is annoying.

    1. Karen, I'm 5'3" but in a good day, I like to act 5,9".

      I hope your foot feels better too !!

  4. Ana, I am so sorry to hear about the heel pain! I've dealt with heel pain in the past, too, and was worried about plantar fasciitis. Stretching my calves did help a lot. You might want to try rolling your heel out with a golf ball, too. Also, I had some luck with changing out my shoes. Some of my friends said rotating more minimalist-type shoes has helped them, to. I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

    I'm the same as you - I rarely drink and I can't imagine drinking throughout a run. Good lord!!!

    Congratulations on your 7:12 mile - that is amazing!!! Way to tear it up!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Emily! I'll give the golfball rolling a try when I get home.

      I have been meaning to switch my shoes, and now I have no more excuses.

      Thank you!! you are too kind!

  5. That's a really fast mile! congrats!

    You know how I feel about the heel pain. I'm so tired of it! I hope yours goes away as fast as it came.

    1. Thank you Wendy!

      Yes, I know!! heel pain is the worst! I hope yours is healing!

  6. Yay, for the speedy mile. Sorry you foot and calf had been hurting. My calf had been hurting for about 2 weeks but I guess whatever was wrong is done now cus it's back to normal.

    Your running group looks like a fun bunch!

    1. Meranda,

      I'm glad your calf is feeling better!

      They were fun!

  7. I hope that your foot feels better soon! No guilt on missing a run here and there, especially when its to take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you Heather! I hope so too! Heel pain is no fun!

  8. Awesome speedy mile! I hope your foot is nothing serious and it's feeling better very soon.

  9. Wow. Congratulations on your speedy mile! I hate to hear your heel is bothering you. Hopefully, it will calm down very soon. It is wicked hot where I live -- but it's just our typical summer. I'm slogging through. I got a good moon pic this week too. Thanks for linking, Ana.

    1. Thank you Holly!

      I say we enjoy the heat while it's here! Thanks for the link up!


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