VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #6

Good morning ! how is everybody doing today?

Last week was a bit different because of the holiday, but most of the training got done.

Wednesday - Zumba with Denise, and 4 miles (mix of speed work and rest).
Saturday - 3 easy miles
Sunday - 10 miles long run

Ran- 17 miles
Zumba - 1

I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post

On Wednesday, I went to zumba with Denise. I think she was mad at me... just so we are clear... I make up things in my head on reasons why people are mad at me... So my reasoning was that she was mad at me because I have not been to her Hip Hop class in a while. But really, she is a busy woman who is about to close her studio, the last thought in her mind is whether or not I have been to her Hip hop class.

After that I met Roger to do some speed work in some very thick and humid weather. We were to do 16- .25 Mile reps, but it was so hot, that I gave up at 11.

A very seriously sweaty picture
My calves were bothering me again, which was driving me crazy! I stretched, warmed up, rolled, wore compressions, and they still hurt. This week I will be adding calf raises with weights, hoping it will help.

Fun Story- On Friday for our 6 weeks of trips, we took a trip to our backyard... ok, so we don't have a backyard, but I call the Hampden township my backyard. We went to the pool! It has been a very hot week, and my son has been begging to go to the pool since ... I don't know... February. So we headed there, with all stuff ready to enjoy a few hours there. My son and Roger jumped in the pool, and 20 minutes later, it started pouring! and the rain didn't stop until 7 that night. There go $26 !

Saturday my siblings and I headed out for some canoeing along the Brandywine River. This is starting to become a yearly tradition with them, and we all really enjoy it! Again, because of the weather, we had to cut the trip short.

Bros and my love Nugget

Our picnic after the canoe trip

The check out cat. This adorable thing was hanging by the check out cashier. He was not at all disturbed by the humans working around him.

I also run in my hometown, Oxford Pa. My Dad told me to have a good run, which is amazing, because my Dad has NEVER had the chance to say that to me. He doesn't go to my races.

I had to do my Sunday long run alone, because while I was at my parents, Roger injured himself. He hurt his back and hamstring, and now we is not sure he will be running our fall goal race, the Hershey Half Marathon.

Calves.... how much longer can I complain about my calves? I wore one compression sleeve to test if they would help with the pain during the long run. And it did. So I'm debating on wearing them both for long runs.

The view at the top of the hill I crawled run on Sunday

Loving this week :

My son is always saying awesome things, this one is my recent favorite:

"Mom, you are the only person I know who has one a Marathon. My Dad has never done a Marathon." *

*Not that I'm competing with my ex-husband, but it feels good to be winning with my son on at least ONE thing!

I know you love when I post random Spanish songs... this is my current favorite, giving me good vibes all over! Men with shinny suits synchronized dancing are obviously my thing! Just a tad of history, the man singing is a very popular Rock En EspaƱol singer Leonardo De Lozanne, and the band is one of the most popular Cumbia bands Los Angeles Azules. the only thing that doesn't make sense to me is the orchestra, it sounds forced.

Not Loving this week :

Can we please make the Justin Timberlake song stop already! I have hear the new song a grand total of 3 times and it has been 3 too many! I hate that song!

How was your week of training?
Caught in any rain this week?
Hating any songs?
I'm sorry if you love the JT Song.


  1. Haha,we were counting how many times we heard the Justin Timberlake song on our way to VA last month. Let's just say I lost track!
    Sorry to hear that Roger is injured now. Seems like I'm hearing of more and more people running the Hershey Half. I wanted to do that race until I heard of all the hills. Instead I'm planning to do the 10k in the spring!

    1. Meranda, the Hershey 10k is really cool! It goes through the park and the race is very well organized. Let me know if you are doing the race next spring !!

  2. Haha I love that JT song. Can't stop the feeeeeeeelin!

    As much as I love Latin music, or a good 80% of it...I just cannot wrap my head around Cumbia. I can salsa, I can bachata, I can merengue, but my body and the beat of Cumbia just do not mix. Where is the rhythm? Why can't I find it!?

    1. Jessie! Somebody who speaks my language !! Cumbia is almost like salsa, except one beat slower at the end. Well, at least Mexican Cumbia is... Some Tex-mex Cumbia is faster, but same rule applies.

  3. ha! When Shut UP and Dance With Me, was at its peak I thought I would pull my hair out! They played like 3 times an hour.
    I would wear the compression socks all day and night when not running for recovery, when I had the calf issue a few years ago and it helped...and icing them. The aches are annoying.
    I am sorry to hear Roger is hurting.
    That is no fun to go to the pool and get rained out. Canoe time looked fun though :)

    1. Thank you Karen! Will give that a try. I finally looked it up, and the word Achilles' tendon kept jumping at me.

      The canoe trip was a lot of fun!

  4. OMG I would have been so annoyed to pay for the pool then have a downpour ! Ugh. My kids brag that I ran a marathon too. It is so wonderful to know they are proud.

    1. Karen, running a marathon is something out kids can brag about any day!

  5. My teens brag that I ran a marathon! How about that? My friends were bragging about it when we were kayaking as well. Pretty cool.

    Which JT song? I've heard a few new ones.

    1. Wendy, of course they brag! It is awesome to know somebody as strong as you !

      The new JT song... Cant Stop The feeling.

  6. What bad luck with the weather at the pool. Though those photos when you were out with your siblings look great.

    1. Thank you Chaitali!! Canoeing was great fun!

  7. It is a really great accomplishment to run a marathon and most people cannot say they have done that- its awesome that your son recognizes that! Sorry that your pool day got cut short. There are so many songs on the radio right now that I am really sick of! I don't even know the names of them but I feel like the same ones are on all the time.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I hope the annoying songs stop soon!!

  8. Paul and I just talked about maybe trying out the Hampden pool sometime! I am just worried I will see my students there. I think some of them go to that pool. But they won't recognize me in a bikini and sunglasses, right????

    1. Megan, of course they won't recognize you ! They are too busy running around splashing each other ! I have a hard time with my kid recognizing me, because he gets so excited! FYI- on weekdays after 6:00 pm, it's only $2 to
      Get in

  9. I've done the "one compression sleeve experiment" too and was surprised how much of a difference it really did make. Have you tried extra electrolytes or salt tabs? Are your shoes too worn in? Calf pain is SO FRUSTRATING because it's so hard to stretch calves properly.

    I love you your kiddo is proud of you for running a marathon :)

    1. Ali, I was considering taking saly tabs, thanks for the suggestion! I need to look them up!

  10. What a shame you only got to stay at the pool for 20 minutes! The canoe trip looks like so much fun. I was looking into one of those for this weekend, but the river actually has rapids. Scary. I hope your calf is better. I've never run in compression sleeves or socks but have used them for recovery. I had to Google the JT song. I had not heard it, but I typically don't listed to that type of music anyway. Thanks for linking, Ana!

  11. Haha! I was hating on the Coldplay song a few months ago. It was driving me crazy so I immediately had to change stations whenever it came on.

    I really hope your calf gets to feeling better soon. My hip has been bothering me on the past couple of runs. So annoying.

  12. Thank you Holly! I have been wanting to do some rapids, but haven't found a place yet.

    Thanks for the link up!

  13. Raquelita,

    I don't know the coldplay song... i'll have to look it up.

    Ouchies for hip pain! I hope some good stretching helps keep the pain away!

  14. I think heat and sweat seem to be the common denominator for all of us!
    Poo on getting rained out at the Pool that does suck but hey what a great time you had canoeing!
    I'm seriously trying to keep my head above water right now. Thanks for linking up with us and I hope you have a great weekend!


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