Throw Back Thursday- Before I Was A Runner

The other day I was looking at my work shoes, thinking I need a new pair, because this ones are falling apart. While I do have tons of beautiful shoes in my closet, most that have not been worn for a long time, because they hurt my toes. Before I started running, there were many things, like my work shoes, that I never gave more than a second thought to it. Here are a few
Work Clothes
Before Running : Oh, I have a meeting today, better wear a dress, with those red heels, and my black pantyhose.
After Running : I'm running after work today, better wear my sports bra, don't want to have to change in Starbucks. Better also not wear a blouse.

Work Shoes
Before Running : I love this new pointy blue pumps! they pinch my toe, and are giving me a callus, but they look amazing!

After Running : Curse You blue pointy pumps! why do you hate me so? I still love you, but I'm not wearing you again. Hello ugly black shoes, I love you. You are my best friends... please never fall apart.
Before running : I'm going to have this chocolate donut and coffee... that should last me until lunch.

After running : Oatmeal, greek yogurt, coffee and half of a pastry... you better last me until lunch!
Before Running : I can't wait to stuff my face with burgers, hotdogs, Turkey, tamales and ice cream this holiday.

After Running : I wonder if there is a holiday themed race I can do? And then stuff my face with burgers, hotdogs and ice cream. (<--- some things just don't change).
Shopping for clothes
Before running : Do I need a cute dress for any occasions? how about a cute top?

After Running: I need to find a new black tank top for running, and should check out the shorts and sport bras.


Do you remember some things that were different for you "Before" you started running?
When was the last time you wore your fancy heels?



  1. Ha, I was just staring longingly at my beautiful red heels over the weekend :) And I left them in the closet since I knew I was running the next morning. I'm with you on the holiday themed races too.

    1. We all have those red heels staring at us!! I'm glad to find I'm not the only one!

      Theme races are the BEST!

  2. Honestly, not a lot changed for me when I started running. But, I started running as an outlet for energy & calories when I stopped rowing. Before rowing was swimming. Before that I was 7. So, it's just sort of ingrained in me. I wake up early for weird events on weekends, I eat fairly healthy, and I dress funny. Haha.

    I look like a t-rex in heels cause I have no balance.

    1. Jessie,

      That is so cool! I wish I would have saved myself the pain of heels and was more active when I was younger!

      Keep up with the active life!

  3. LOVE THIS. I can relate to every single one of these thoughts! The summer I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I gave up on wearing high heels altogether because it was just too painful. Hello, boring flat shoes every day!!! =D And yes, some things never change with holiday eating cravings!

    One big thing that's changed for me is my approach on race fees. I balk at going out and spending $10 on lunch because I feel like I could have brought my own lunch for a fraction of the cost. But I won't hesitate to drop, say, $35 or more on a 5K race that I'll finish in less than 30 minutes!

    1. Thank you Emily! Hello beautiful comfy shoes !! Anything to keep the toes happy!

      I agree! I'll wrinkle my nose at expensive things, but don't question race fees! But the feeling of completing the race is worth the money!

  4. Oh man I would say in the past 2 years I seriously started to reevaluate the types of shoes I wear! I buy stylish Dr. Scholls for work and no longer wear heels when I know I will be standing for awhile. The only time I wear my fancy heels are for sitting down events... like a dinner or a movie.

    1. I'm for Dr Schoolls all the way! I wear heels only if I will be sitting too!

  5. OMG, I can totally relate to this, especially the shoes. I have an entire bag of stylish heels to go to Good will because I won't wear them anymore. They hurt my feet back then (but they were cute) and I definitely don't need sore feet for three days after wearing them just because they go great with my outfit!

    1. Meranda, it is just not worth it! The back pain, the toe squeeze! I am slowly donating my heels too... still have some very pretty ones that I'm keeping, but don't know for how much longer.

  6. Ha ha this is great. Agree with every word. I did have to buy new sandals this year because it had been way to long so I bought 3 pair . LOL.


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