Throw Back Post - 10 Years of Random Work Things

This July, I will be at my job for 10 years. I still remember clearly my first day here. I have seen many people come and go, and  some return asking for a recommendation. I've held many different positions and done some better at some than others.

First I'll tell you what I do. I work for what in PA we call EARN program. What does that mean? I work with single Moms, single Dads and Families trying to get back to work, and off Cash Assistance a.k.a. "Welfare". So, when Bill Clinton recently visited the Midstate, I was overcome with the desire of confronting him about Welfare Reform, while at the same time, thank him for creating my job.
Please know upfront that I am not willing to have a debate on whether or not people should be drug tested, have a clean criminal background to receive cash benefits, or what they do or do not deserve. The majority of our participants have had very unfortunate circumstances growing up, metal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug abuse, or victims of others who used drugs, poor education systems, extreme poverty. I am not willing to engage on defamation of people receiving welfare. I don't know all the circumstances that brought them here, but I know that they all have the same goals that I have. To have a healthy, happy and well fed family.

I do reports, data entry, audits and hold all the knowledge.... I'm kidding about the last one.

At a Thanksgiving Potluck with my sister. I used to keep my hair really short

Here are a few random facts about life at this office for the last 10 years.
  • I have moved desks a total 12 times, that I can remember.
Ready to move to another office.

  • I have held 6 different positions
  • A manager once shushed me during a meeting. I hated him for it and almost quit because of it.
  • There is this lady who works here, who has also been here for 10 years. And in those 10 years, she has asked me at least 6 times how my Grandfather is. Even after I told her 9 years ago that he died. And every time, she asks if I'm sure! Two months ago she asked me how my Grandmother (who died last year) was. I snapped, and told her to please stop asking me about my Grandparents, as they were both dead, and that yes, we were sure.
  • While I've been here, 4 co-workers have died. Steven, George, Wendy and Kevin. May they Rest In Peace.
  • I have done 3 layoffs. I cried at the last two, because I didn't want those people to be laid off. They were friends and just all around excellent people. It's embarrassing to say that I was crying harder than the people being laid off.
  • My sister worked with me at my office for 5 years. It was awesome. I still miss her.
  • I have the most random things in my desk that I can't get rid off... a little car a participant's child left in my desk. Random old candy that people gifted to me after their vacations.
The tiny car that has been in my desk for almost 10 years.
  • Unfortunately, we have also lost some participants. One died of Cancer, she was the first participant that we helped buying a car. She came back and showed me her car, I was very proud of her. Two were murdered, it was a very sad day at the office. Another died of an overdose. There has been more, but I can't remember the details
  • We have also seen more than a few be incarcerated. One for attempted murder. That one scared me a lot, because she was very feisty and threaten to punch me once. She was the first and only threat that I took seriously.
  •  My favorite office supply is my automatic stapler and my two computer monitors.
  • I drink at least 3 cups of coffee here each morning.
My favorite Coffee Mug, from the Craig Ferguson Comedy Tour

 Your Turn!!

How long have you been at your current job?
Are you hoarding anything in your desk?
what is your favorite office supply?
I would love to hear annoying co-worker stories!



  1. Thank you for a peak into your job and what you do! I am sure it is so rewarding to help people get back on their feet.

    I just completed my 11th year teaching. I have very deep desk drawers and probably only use 10% of what is in there!

    One time a co-worker got mad at me when I didn't agree to save her a seat in the faculty room at lunch. She hung up the phone on me when I said I wouldn't save the seat. I just didn't think it was fair for me to save a seat for her if someone got there first! It was very high school and I just didn't want to engage in that!

    1. Thank you for sharing Megan! Some people are so immature ! And never grow out of the High school behavior. A girl at my job stopped talking to me, because I didn't wait for her to go to lunch !

  2. I absolutely, sincerely LOVE hearing all these fascinating details about your life! It's so interesting to learn about your role, the challenges you face, and the unique people you meet along the way. I have had similar experiences in the past where someone said something to me that didn't sit well, and I wanted to quit because of it. Being shushed is the worst.

    Would you ever want to do a "day in the life" post? I would love to learn more!!!

    1. Thank you Emily ! You are always so kind ! I am considering doing a Day In The Life post soon, just need to work on it.

      Being shushed by a grown man in front of others is the worst!

  3. Your job sounds rewarding! I wish we could have encountered such a friendly face when my Mom was sick with seizures and become disabled.
    I have worked for the same school system for 20 years in office positions. I have moved from elementary, to an alternative high school, and a Technical center. I work close to my house finally after commuting more than 40 minutes for years. I really love being close to home.
    Everyplace I work I usually find someone I like to chat with, but I am pretty quiet and stay to myself mostly, unless I find someone who loves running lol

    1. Karen, I'm sorry to hear about your mom and any bad treatment you received. People in social work are always burned out, it's hard work. I always think of how I would like to be treated and do my best to help on anything I can.

      Wow ! That's amazing ! 20 years in a school ! Especially and alternative school! That is hard work !

  4. Wow, that co-worker and the grandparent questions...that's REALLY odd. It makes me wonder if she's all there, because why else would she KEEP asking and not remember that they'd passed?

    It's hard to imagine being at the same job for 10 years but then I remember I'm starting year 8 at my school this year so...Wow. Times flies!

    1. Ali,

      Time does fly! I didnt think I would stay there for such a long time!

      8 years and counting right?


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