The National Apple Harvest Festival 2016

In recent years, Pumpkin Spice has been trying to make a claim on the official flavor for the fall, but for me, Fall in Pennsylvania is all about the Apples. So at this time of the year we make our way to Bigglerville Pa, for the National Apple Harvest Festival.  

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Entrance to the festival is $10 for adults, kids under 12 go in for free. We parked in a field a few miles away and took the bus in. My son loves riding the bus!
The Food
Although this is the Apple festival, and there is lots of apple related food, but not everything is apple flavor food. The NAHF can be best described as a food, crafts, and fun family activities. Every year I am disappointed that there is no apple cider donuts anywhere in the whole event.
Delicious things than can be found at the NAHF:
* Pit Beef sandwiches- made on the spot.

* Apple Panckakes- made fresh on the spot
* Hot Apple cider
* Pancake / waffle Apple syrups
* Apple topped funnel cake
* Apple filled donuts
* Apple pie
* Fresh sliced apples with Caramel
* Apple Cotton Candy
* Apple bread
There were lots more of fair foods, we didn't eat all of those things, but I just loved the apple themed food.
The Crafts
The fair also host lots of people selling crafts and other items, we are always blown away by the creativity everybody has, and wonder, WHY WAS I NOT given the creativity to turn a piece of wood into a beautiful statue, or a wine cork into a useful keychain? We navigate our way through each of the stands and drool at the amazing work.
Some of the amazing creations we saw
* Handmade candles
* bottle cap magnets
* Leather door bells
* Hand carved wood decorations / ornamets
* Handmade Christmas decorations
* Handmade quilts
* Handmade doll clothes
* Handmade jewelry
And there were lots more things, that I didn't get a picture of, because I was busy wishing for an unlimited amount of money to buy it all!
The Entertainment

We also enjoyed the entertainment, my son and I both love the magician, we listed to some of the band and observed the Native American dances. We were sad to miss the tractor dances. There is also a kids barn with a petting zoo, and several music stages through the festival.
The bunny petting zoo
Waiting for the magic show
The mini horses
Waiting for the Native American Pow-Wow
The Tribe Dance
I like that this is a local festival, but it's not like the local Carnivals, it has a more unique feeling to it. Every year we go, I never want to leave. I feel like I missed something or need to eat one more pit beef sandwich or one more apple pancake! But my son and Roger were both tired and wanted to go home.


Running to the bus to go home
I know it just happened, but I cannot wait for the festival next year!!

What is your favorite local festival?
What is your favorite Apple themed food?
Do you have a secret talent to make crafts?



  1. It looks fun and well organized! I have not been to anything like that in so long...I like to taste everything!
    You are making lots of fun memories for your little guy :)
    I am not creative at all! I love seeing what people come up with.

    1. It was so much fun! I like tasting everything too! Whenever I go to my sisters bakery, I want to get every bread, and I always end up just having one bite of each!

  2. I love Fall for all the apple barns and fun stuff like this. So glad you went! Callum would DIE over those animals!

    1. Callum would have loved all the other animals! They had goats, lammas and a calf!

  3. This sounds like such a fun festival! Too bad about no donuts but the applet topped funnel cake sounds like a great substitute :)

    1. No worries, our next festival sells fresh hot apple cider donuts!

  4. We ALMOST made it into the festival one year. We drove all the way down, sat in tons of traffic, and then Paul realized we had to ride a bus and refused. Home we went. Yeah, I didn't talk much on that drive home!

    Glad yas had fun and it's so magical for you :) I do like apple themed foods for sure!

    1. Was it the bus that made him not want to go?

      I think this fall festival is the only one where I am not constantly thinking "Eww, people! or Ewww Children!".

    2. Yes it was the bus and being around crowds of people. He didn't want to get sick because he had surgery a month prior but... come on, it was a month and we sat in all that traffic just to get there!!

  5. You raise a good point...I LOVE apples and I should embrace is above pumpkin spice because it's way more versatile!

  6. PS, Bloglovin showed you had a post about Pence's use of "that Mexican thing" in the VP debate but maybe you've deleted it. I was only able to see the beginning...and I just wanted to tell you that I'm disgusted by the rhetoric on the right and I don't understand how they're so closed minded and completely uncaring when it comes to immigration (and a million other issues). I stand in solidarity with my Mexican friends!

    1. Thank you Ali!! I really appreciate you reaching out to me!!

  7. That festival looks like so much fun. And the food!! YUM!!


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