Off the training Schedule


Aah!! It has been a long week, a wonderful weekend, but exhausting. I’m out of sync with my half marathon training and it’s beginning to stress me out a little. Here is how I came off the plan, and how I hope to correct it soon.

Saturday Aug 29

I did my 10K- and got firs place female. It was awesome. I was a little tired, but rested most of the rest of Saturday and was ready to run 6 more miles on Sunday.

Sunday Aug 30

I was feeling good, and rested. All ready to run 6 miles. But I made a mistake. I wore shoes that I hadn’t worn in a few runs, and I only wore one pair of socks, after having been wearing two pairs of socks, to prevent blisters… a big investment on socks is needed soon. \

I was feeling really good, considering that I had ran 6 miles the day before, and then my left toe started to feel tingly and painful. I stopped. I had the exact same experience at the Color Run in Philadelphia in 2014, and ignored it then. And the ball of my toe was never the same again, to this day I can’t wear high heels for longer than 3 minutes. I stopped, and went to get my other pair of socks, hoping it will fix the pain. It didn’t. I ran about 1 .5 miles, then got desperate and took off my sneakers. I just kept thinking, I can’t have any injuries, not this close to the Half Marathon, I can’t have my left toe with issues too! I ran barefoot for about half a mile. Then I just walked. I put on my shoes again, but they were still bothering me. I was up by Shipoke and saw Roger coming along the river. I climbed down and told him about the shoes and that I wanted to throw the sneakers down the river… but I have a rule against littering. I ran another half mile without sneakers and only on my socks. I completed 3 miles.

We went hiking for 5 miles after the failed attempt at running.

Tuesday Sept 1st

My son has soccer practice on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30, and I chose zumba, because zumba makes me super happy. Did weight training and rested.

Wednesday Sept 2

Turns out… I’m a huge chicken and don’t like running in the dark. I did a 2 mile fartlek, but it was dark and that scared me, so I was done by 7:40.  1 hour of zumba. 30 min of weight training.

Thursday Sept 3rd – Rest day

Picked up my son, went to soccer practice and rested.

Friday Sept 4th- half ass day

I was planned to go to heavy yoga at Art In Motion Fitness with Denise, who is awesome and always pushes me, but got a call late Thursday night that my sister wanted to come over and get breakfast and lunch with me. I couldn’t pass it up, she rarely ever visits exclusively with me. I ran 1 mile while waiting for her to arrive, skipped yoga and zumba.

Saturday, Sept 5- Dutch Wonderland day

I enjoyed the last of the heat at Dutch Wonderland with my son.  We walked around the park, did rides, played in the water, and ate a hot dog and fries…. Which I should not, but it was the best choice in food at Dutch Wonderland, in my opinion anyway. This was exhausting!

Sunday Sept 6- I don’t want to talk about Sunday

Sundays are my long run days; I was scheduled to run 10.4 miles. I had my son, and knew he would be with me for the entire holiday, so I had planned to at 10:00 am, while Roger watched him. But plans changed. I was tired from the trip the day before, I was dehydrated and hungry. By the time we were to leave for City Island, I had a hard time convincing my son to leave with me…. Most of the time, it takes a lot of sweet talking and negotiating especially when it involves doing something that does not include playing or buying him toys.

I came up with a crazy idea later that day, I wanted to get my son a bike, so that we could go to the park later, and have him ride his bike, while I ran. We spent the rest of the day between Target and Toys ‘R Us checking bikes. Finally picked up the bike and went to the park to run. Did 3 miles.

Monday – Color Run with Brother

I agreed to do the Color Run in Penn State with my younger brother, 3 weeks ago. His first official run! My family has slowly learned that I will go almost anywhere if they say "lets do this run" to me. He said he wanted to beat my time, and I let him. I know I can run 3 miles in 27 minutes, but with the amount of people at the color run, the getting up super early to drive to PSU, I made the decision that it was not worth the extra effort to run faster. The run ended up being 3.4 miles, instead of the typical 3 miles of the color run. It was fun, my son got to get some color on himself during the color throws, and whole package of gold color on me. I loved how much fun he had!

Tuesday – Thursday: I had said it before, I have a weird custody schedule and only run when my son is with his father, this week with the holiday change, I had my son for an entire week, but still managed to run 7.8 miles of the 15 I had to do this week.

Now the trick will be to figure out how to get back to the long distances. I was supposed to be doing 11 miles this Sunday, the trick will be to get there without feeling like I will die. So tonight I will run the Bird In Hand 5K. And either Saturday or Sunday as far as I can get to 11 miles… I’m hoping for 10.