Gettysburg Marathon Planned Playlist

My MP3 player has over 1,000 songs, and only during long runs I've come to realize that a lot of the songs can be related to running, or at motivate me to keep running on, and keep moving forward. In preparation for the Marathon, I will be putting together the 4.20 hours playlist that will get me through running 26.2 miles. Some are old favorites, others part of my Life Soundtrack, and some just to get my bones moving!

Fighter- Christina Aguilera. Last year when I did the Hershey Half Marathon, this song was strategically placed where I knew would be the last mile of the race, and it pushed me to finish strong. I love this song! Honest moment- without this song, I would not have survived my last year of college.

Listen- Beyoncé. A couple of weeks ago, I had a full out meltdown on mile 18 listening to this song. But I kept moving, and kept running, tears in my eyes and all.

Back in Black- AC/DC- Because who doesn't want to just get up and move to this song? Best line "I got nine lives, Cat's eyes, Abusin' every one of them and running wild"

Holiday- Green Day. We do this song at Zumba, just because we are cool like that. Once I ran 2 miles with this song on repeat, it was awesome! .

Audioslave- Show Me How To Live. Yes, I was in college during the last good Alternative Rock wave of music.

Die Another Day- Madonna. Favorite line " I'm gonna break the cycle, I'm gonna shake up the system"

That's Life- Frank Sinatra. I have random Frank Sinatra songs in my MP3 player, because let's be real, who doesn't love Good ol' blue eyes? And this song gave me a big rush to finish 6 miles when I was cold, tired and hungry. But this song told to keep going because "Each time I find myself, laying flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the Race, That's Life!".

La La La - Shakira. This is the only Shakira Song I like in English, and this is my favorite line "You have arrived, it's the place. No more doubts".

No Tienes Corazon- Julio Preciado. Oldie and goodie! The best thing of this song is the danceable beats... about a woman who has no heart is cruel. Because songs about women who break hearts are always my favorite!

El Jefe De Jefes- Los Tigres Del Norte. Yes, once I get on my full Mexican music swing, there is almost not bringing me back. First let me say that I have been in LOVE with Los Tigres del Norte since the early age of 5. My heart belongs to Hernan, but when Jorge sings, I become a two timing woman!

Delirando- La Ley. Let's just say that my life soundtrack includes a lot of La Ley, and Bunbury. This one is a favorite from College. Favorite Line "Estoy llegando donce nunca fui, delirando de Locura" (I'm arriving to a place I've never been to before, delirious of craziness".

Stronger- Britney Spears. Best line- "I am Stronger, than I ever thought that I could be"

Let's call this one Part 1, because 4.20 hours is a long time to fill!

What are some of your favorite running songs?


  1. Ha, I didn't know any of these songs except the sinatra song. Perhaps if I heard them play I might recall them! I need to revamp my running playlist too!

  2. I like Fighter! I was just updating my pool running playlist and thought about throwing that one back on there. Music is huge for me! Perpetual favorites include Tom Petty's Running Down a Dream and You Wreck Me, Eminem's 'Till I Collapse, and anything by the Foo Fighters. I have other things that are in rotation. Clearly I like loud and fast music.

  3. Ja ja! Sorry! That's possibly my fault, lots of Mexican stuff and Chilean rock there, some you might have never heard of! But all good music!

  4. Wendy,

    Fighter is an excellent song! I think yours is the second reference to that Tom Petty song, I'll have to listen to it with more attention! I'll be adding All My Life by Foo Fighters too! just have to find it in my computer... and have to find my computer first. Loud and Fast is the best running music!

  5. Love that eclectic mix you have going there! I also love "edge of glory" lady gaga song. Good luck to you!!

  6. Fighter is a great pump up song. That should definitely help get you going during the marathon.

  7. Great list! I have fighter and the Shakira song on my running playlist as well.

  8. Thank you Deborah! I have some very interesting songs on my MP3, anything to keep me moving!

  9. Thank you Chaitali! Fighter seems to be a favorite, I never realized. I thought everbody liked Beautiful more, seems I was wrong!

  10. Thank you Kathryn! I'm planning for Fighter to play at the end of the marathon, and if need be, i'll put it on repeat until it does its job!

  11. Green Day's Holiday is a GREAT song! I love the drums. I used to be a huge Madonna fan. My fav song of her's to run to is Hung Up. I love running to Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys and Bad Romance. Now when I say I run to these songs, I mean about twice a year a run with music haha. I am a podcast girl.

  12. Thank you Megan! I can do the podcast while on the treadmill, but for long runs I have to have the music!


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