A Day In The Life

Today I have been inspired by Megan from Meg Go Run to do a Day in The Life post. Megan is of course awesome, so when she invites readers to do a post about a day in The Life, we just must follow! Go check out her post, there are pictures of cute kitties !  Thank you Megan!

I'm picking Tuesday April 26

5:53- Alarm goes off, and because I stayed up until 11 the night before, I turn it off and roll back to sleep.

6:03-6:45am-  I jump out of bed. Shower, contemplate the meaning of life, get dressed and wake up Love Nugget.

6:45- I hate waking up my son so early, but work starts at 7:30 for me and he has to go to before school care.

7:12- Drop off my boy, then realized that I didn't put sunblock on him. Quickly scan my memory for weather today, it's supposed to start raining, so the kids would be staying inside most of the day. and I was already running late for work. Quickly insulted myself for being such a MommyHole in my head! Ran to the car, grabbed sunblock, covered him on it and took off.

7:35- Yup. late for work.

7:40-10:30 am- I eat the entire morning. First my oatmeal, then Greek Yogurt, coffee and tea crackers. (I normally have a bagel, but there was no time to pick up one).

While I'm eating, I check for emails. My job is 75% data entry, 10% audits, 10% reports and 5% telling my coworkers what they are NOT allowed to do.

Between work and files, I check blogs. Currently, I could care less about the news, but give me a Race Recap from a blogger, for a race I will likely never do, over the news any day!

12:30pm- Lunch. I remembered at 10:30 that I left my lunch at home, along with my book pack and rain coat. So headed out to Taco Solo for a Steak Burrito, which was heavenly! Ate half of it, because my lunch is only 30 minutes.

1:00pm. Back to work.

5:00pm- Leave work. It was raining heavily, and my son is to have a baseball game starting at 5:45. I checked my email for cancellations. Nothing.  Drive home to pick up my raincoat, book pack, and money for snacks at concession stand.

5:45 pm- I changed out of my work jacket and packed. Roger heads to teach his Aikido lesson and I head to baseball.

6:00 pm- Checked my email 10 times more to make sure that the game was not cancelled. Arrive to find the entire team, coaches included, soaked and ready to start playing.

My son tells me that he is hungry, which is a common complaint from him when his dad picks him from school for baseball. I packed granola bars, apple sauce and a yogurt. He sneaks in the yogurt while he is waiting to bat.

Half way through the game he is still wet, and his pants are all muddy.

Game goes long, because the rain slowed down the first inning.

7:25pm- game is over. Baby Daddy asks if I can help him carry our son's baseball stuff to his car, because he is already covered in mud. I take my son to the concession stand to pick up a snack to have after dinner, and he leaves with his dad.

7:45pm- I head to Wegmans to pick up Coffee filters for the office and hamburger buns. Then add a bottle of vinegar, chicken and a bag of tortilla chips.

8:10pm- I cook the burgers and fries that we are having for dinner.

8:45 pm- Roger returns and we eat. I was watching Glee on my Kindle when I was cooking and waaay over cooked the burgers.. oh well.

9:15 pm- Roger wants to watch something on TV, so we settle for Burn Notice, because I love staring at Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar (Fiona)  is one of my favorite Kick ass female characters !

I fell asleep in the couch around 10:45pm, so got myself up and went to bed. Then I realized I wanted to have some tiramisu before going to bed... but I'm not awake enough.


  1. Wow! What a full day. I got tired reading it LOL

    1. Thank you Darlene! It was exhausting and it was during recovery! Normally I would have added a 2-5 mile run after baseball.

  2. Thank you for doing this post! I am a nosy SOB and I love to see what people are up to.

    The whole did I cover my son w/ sunscreen thing... Can I just say how much respect I have for moms? I am not a mom. I don't want to be a mom. But holy shit thank goodness for moms and what you do. I can't imagine having to worry about a “little nugget”. I'd go crazy.

    Has the marathon made you super hungry?

    I have a question... were you secretly wishing the baseball game was cancelled??? :)

  3. I absolutely respect that you don't want to have children! They are hard work, and most days the sunscreen is the smaller worry. Like having him be hungry at baseball, that drives me crazy !

    I have been very hungry for the last 3 days ! That day I also had a snack and a hot dog at the baseball game! I'm hungry every two hours !! Like right now, I'm about to go to bed and my stomach is begging for food !

    I always secretly wish baseball is canceled ! It's awful, I know! But it takes so much time. On week days by the time we get home, it's time for bed, and on weekends, it kills the entire day!

  4. Our days are very similar! Can you imagine having more than 1 kid? Although I wish my kid had siblings, I don't know how people who have more kids do it.

    LOL at Baby Daddy who doesn't think his kid needs to eat. My BD thinks his (our) kid needs to eat pizza every single day. UGH.

    1. I'm being selfish, but I cannot even begin to imagine my day with another kid. I cannot imagine sharing the love I have for my son... Is That weird ?

      Omg! Baby Daddies can be clueless ! He insists on feeding our son frozen chicken nuggets and lunchables for lunch! And of course, nothing before baseball !

  5. I love posts like this; it's such a great way to get to know a blogger!!

    I love Burn Notice. My husband and I were addicted. These days we're all about The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

  6. Thank you Ali! My fiancé loves those shows, I just can't deal with the 1 week or 3 months wait between episodes. I'll start watching TWD next year.


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