Gettysburg Marathon Training Week #14

Hello World!! It is a brand new week! Marathon is 6 days away, and I'm not letting myself think about it too much, or obsess about the weather, because I have no control over time or weather!

I hope everybody who is running Boston is having a great Marathon!

Last week was a an up and down of emotions, one day I was happy and fine, other days I was irritable, then I realized that the anniversary of my grandmother's passing was in April 12, and that my body was adding extra hormones on my moods. All my runs this month are dedicated to my Grandmother and my nephew Mario.

Monday- Rest, because the wicked have to take days off.
Tuesday- 1 hour Hip Hop with Denise.
Wednesday - 1 hour of zumba, 2 mile run with sprints.
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 15 miles.
Saturday- Rest day
Sunday - 8 easy miles.

My son's Baseball Junior League had practice 2 days this week, so we worked on homework. I cannot believe my son is working on fractions! He is in 1st grade and learning fractions!

Baseball practice, followed by Concessions stand meeting. Some days people really blow me away. When the kids get signed up for baseball, their parents agree to do 1 two hour shift at the concession stand during the season, everybody has to volunteer, they check the box, they sign the paper. So we are at the meeting where the Concession stand coordinator is telling parents that during our shift, there HAS TO BE FOUR adults helping out in the stand, and that IN ADDITION, her son and herself will be there to help out.

At the end of the meeting, the coordinator asks if there is any questions and a mom asked "So, you said you and your son will be here to help, so that means I only need to send two parents to help? because the parents won't want to miss their kids games". The Coordinator is a pretty awesome kick butt lady, so she simply replied, "All of our kids are playing, and no, you need to send 4 adults to help out." There were a few quiet chuckles in the crowd.

Zumba with Denise was really awesome! We did some of my favorites, Agua Vendita by Victor Manuel, and Limbo by Daddy Yankee were there among the awesome playlist.

2 mile run with Roger, with sprints. This was a strange day. I was very happy after zumba, but didn't feel like running. I wanted to go home, eat and take a nap. But made myself run with Roger.

Baseball practice. Rest Day.

After practice and picking up dinner. We got home at 8:50. Past my son's bed time. I need a better Thursday baseball practice plan.

After all the fun of Thursday, we overslept and My son was almost late for school. Ooops!

We went to Breakfast at Sofia's and then headed to Hershey for our 15 mile run.

The 15 miles went ok, the weather was really nice, but I wasn't feeling the run. But it got done.

I saw the three ends of the Jonathan Eshenaour Trail

Baseball Opening Day and 1st game. After all the fun we had not eating hotdogs or concession food, we headed out to Gettysburg. As it's only 40 miles away, we had to check the route and look for a place to eat breakfast the morning of the marathon. It looks very hilly. But oh well! something else I can't control, no use worrying about it. It should be an interesting run!

And of course, we walked some of the stores and I found an awesome hat... I wish I could wear it to the marathon!

We also found super tasty tacos!

Saturday and Sunday we got up early and made pancakes, they were super tasty!

We did 8 easy miles, with easy hills. We are now entering taper town.

25 miles
Zumba - 1 hour
Other - 1 hour

Next Race : Gettysburg Marathon

This week I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Check back this week, I will be reviewing my Marathon Goals!


  1. Don't even get me started on parents. Ugh. The way they drive their little darlings to school...I thought the grade school was bad but you should see the high school. I can't handle it. I drop my son off at the McDonald's across the street. Much less stressful.'s the final countdown for both of us!!!! Good luck Ana!

  2. Hooray for race week! You SO need that hat!

  3. I agree with you about some parents. Some of them at my sons school are really a pain in the butt. They kind of forget that they are not the only ones. Some times I just have to laugh at their stupidity, because otherwise they it will really tick me off

  4. Sounds like a good week ! Several people seem to be posting pictures of tacos this week. Is it taco week or something ? LOVE them !

  5. How exciting! Have great race next weekend. We are doing a relay race starting in Gettysburg the following weekend.

  6. That is sweet that you dedicated your runs to grandma. Mine passed away on April 15 so every year around this time is hard for me too.
    I'm excited to hear what you think about the Gettysburg marathon. I'm looking for other PA races to try.

  7. You are going to absolutely crush this race. I'm so sad that I won't be there running along side you! I might be stopping down to cheer though :) Great week of training!

  8. So exciting that your race is almost here! I hope you have a great race. Run strong and have fun.

    Great job getting out there to get those sprints in. Sometimes those days we don't want to get out there end up being the most important.

  9. I did a half in Gettysburg -- very pretty. If I hadn't been injured and fighting a time limit, I would have enjoyed it a bit more than I did!

    It's hilly, but wasn't terrible. Far better than many hilly halfs I've run!

    Good luck this weekend!

  10. I'm sorry it was a difficult emotional week, but dedicating your runs to your grandmother is a great idea! That was also smart to drive out to Gettysburg and scope out the territory in advance.

  11. Wendy,

    Parents right?! We all want our kids to be the ones that rules don't apply to.

    Thanks!! Good luck to you as well, Will be sending you positive vibes all the way from PA!!

  12. Marcia,

    I agree!! The Marathon is a North vs South, I need to be wearing my Lincoln support hat! But my trainer said "nothing new on the reace" Boo!!

  13. Karen,

    I think I post at minimum one taco picture per week! I can't help myself, I love tacos! Sorry!

  14. Hi Deborah! Yes, I remember! the American Odyssey Relay starts there! How awesome! I hope you have an awesome relay race!

    Thank you!

  15. Ladies at FF,

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother! Grandmas are such wonderful angels, and when we lose them, it's really hard.

    Thank you! I'll report back! Have you ever done the Bird In Hand Half? I did the 5K last year and LOVED it, so going back for the Half Marathon this year.

  16. Thank you Gretchen! Yes, I'm sorry you couldn't be here too! but maybe we will meet at another race! We still want to find a race in Pittsburgh.

  17. Thank you Meagan! I'll remind myself to have fun, so that I don't get too caught up on the hills!

  18. Thank you Judy! Oh yes! I bet the Gettysburg was awesome, it happens right in the middle of the leaves color change!

  19. Thank you Chaitali! some weeks emotions just run all over the place, and remembering my grandma took a big toll on me!

  20. Nicole, I'm right there with you! Ignoring this parents is best! since they are ignoring everybody around them anyway!

  21. Fractions in the first grade, oh my that makes my head hurt! I'm so very glad my daughter is in college and was really good in math.
    Yes I agree the hat is what you need! Good luck to you next week Ana I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

  22. I did my duty with 3 different kids working the baseball concession stand. I always disliked missing the games! It's wonderful you can pay tribute to your Grandma by dedicating your runs to her. I think of people I've lost sometimes during races and will dedicate certain miles to them. Enjoy your taper this week and good luck at the Gettysburg Marathon. I can't wait to read your recap! Thanks for linking with us Ana.

  23. Thank you Tricia! I'm going to go back and get the hat to have for after the race!! I really need that hat in my life!

    My son's math homework is reminding me that I need to learn math again...

  24. Thank you Holly! I dislike missing the games too, especially now that my son wants me to be present at every single moment of the game. But when his father signed him up, he agreed to the concession... and a commitment is a commitment. I can only hope my son will be content with the ring pop after the game.


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