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Typically, anything I post on Wednesday, that is not a Link up, gets about 5 views. But There is a lot of things in my mind and the only way to clear my mind is to write it down. While recovering from the marathon, I've been catching up with TV shows.

I am going to tell you right off the gate, I don't watch a lot of TV. Between working full time, whatever sport my son is doing, running and zumba, I barely have time to do laundry. But Roger enjoys watching TV, and we spend that time together. We take turns picking shows, and sometimes we watch two shows at the same time... because it's hard to go to sleep right after seeing Dexter chopping heads off.

His pick for his year was Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory, both which were awesome in their own way. We just finished Breaking Bad, and I am trying to make sense of all of this insane Walter White stuff! It was a good show, and I enjoyed it very much! So many questions!!

  • What happened to Jesse after he escaped? He would be the last living person who had Walter's meth recipe... but I assume he was wanted for questioning about Mr. White, Hank and the whole thing. But what did he have to live for?
  • Did Skyler recover from all the crazy things Walter put her through?
  • Did she ever move away from NM?
My favorite character was Gus, controversial pick? probably, but I have to admire a man who can run both a drug empire AND a chain of fried chicken restaurants.

Now it's my turn to pick and I'm down to a few favorites:

Buffy- I've seen the series twice. This show is completely awesome! This show deals with so many subjects, fears, religion, growing up, grieving, acceptance, and kicking some butt! Plus I love the Strong Female Lead!

Angel- This is a spinoff of Buffy, with darker and more serious, yet funnier writing. But it does get weird in season 4.

Sex and The City- I know there is no way Roger would watch this. A long time ago we got into a HEATED discussion about how realistic this show was. His argument was that the women of SATC lived an unrealistic life style and they were shallow and selfish. My argument was that it's a TV show, of course it's way unrealistic! That fight didn't end well. That day I dropped him off back at home and told him that if he wasn't willing to keep an open mind, I couldn't take him with us to Hershey Park to see the singing cows. True Story.

Gossip Girl- This show is DRAMATIC and ADDICTIVE! It sounds obnoxious, I know! rich kids who have such a hard life being rich! But the writing is quick and witty, it just drew me in and kept me watching until the end. I loved it!

Votes are leaning towards Buffy... and I can't wait to watch the series again!

Does anybody have a favorite show they want to share?
Any ideas on my BB questions?
Any other thoughts on SATC?


  1. I'm really sorry but I have to say I like Roger's picks better! Lol I'm sorry! Except Sex & the City. That is the BEST show, I can marathon-watch SATC and not get tired of it. I think it's funny Roger doesn't like it because my ex really enjoyed it & watched it with me all the time. He was always looking forward to every scene with Samantha in it, so he tolerated all the other story lines. :)

    1. Ja ja!! That's funny! You got me thinking, do I like any other good shows? And I don't think I do!

      Roger told he has seen some of satc, but hated it.

      We stared watching Burn Notice, and by the end of
      The year I want to watch Better Call Saul.

  2. Okay I have a love/hate relationship with SATC. I hate watch Carrie. I usually love Samantha and Miranda. Sometimes I like Charlotte and sometimes I don't. For the most part, I love the show, and agree with you that it's entertainment and it doesn't have to be realistic! That being said, I would never expect Paul to watch it with me!

    We love reality TV! Survivor and Big Brother! What about that? CBS All Access is like 5.99 a month and you can watch ALL the past seasons. 17 seasons of Big Brother and 32 Seasons of Survivor lol.

    1. Samantha and Miranda are my favorites! I agree with you on Carrie, and Charlotte... Sometimes Charlotte drove me crazy with her Prince Charming stuff !

      You know, there are shows that i want to share with him, but there are others that I just keep to myself ... Like SATC, Friends and GG.

      I have never seen any of those reality shows, I'll make time to give them a try!

  3. I love Buffy! I rewatch the series every couple of years. My vote is for that.

  4. Thank you Raquelita ! See, I knew there were other Buffy fans out there !!


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