Way Back Wednesday - I miss Cordy

This is not a running related Post. I was just thinking of my doggy, Cordelia, who is still alive, but no longer belongs to me.

I got Cordelia as a gift from a student when I worked for an Out Of School Youth Program.
Cordy the first day we had her, napping by the lamp

Cordelia will be turning 10 in April 30.

Cordy was a mix of Cockapoo, Maltese, and Pekinese dog. She has the softest fur, and her hair can grow very long.

Before my Divorce, Cordelia went to live with my Ex's parents. I never gave permission, this just "happened". I didn't fight it, because my son was only 2 and all my time went to him.

After my divorce, there was no formal agreement made to see Cordelia, and I couldn't afford to have her full time, so I didn't fight for her to be with me.

Cordelia is named after the character from the TV Show Angel.

In 2008, Cordy got stung by a bee, and her liver almost shut down. After spending 12 hours at the Doggy Hospital, she came home to keep barking at Birds, her favorite activity.

Cordy is responsible for the long scar on my foot, caused by her retractable leash.

I miss cuddling with Cordy in the couch, and playing fetch with her. But I'm glad to report that she is happy and lives with her Grandparents, who love to spoil her and take her for the longest walks she can manage.