Hero Run 5K 2016

Race Details

Fee: $15 (Registered in May)
Date : November 6th, 2016
Weather: sunny, high 60s, low wind.
Goodies: There was a table full of Bananas, coffee, cupcakes, granola bars, water. Included with the race packet were a tech long sleeve shirt, and a magnet.

Swatara Police Hero Run 5K is one of my favorite races of the year, and on May, I start looking for the registration information and mark my calendar right away.

I love any races in which I can dress up! my son questions my sanity when I don't dress up as what he would call a "normal super hero", as I have gone as El Chapulin Colorado ( A Mexican parody of super heroes, not because I wanted to make a joke of Heroes, but because he is a Mexican Icon) and last year, I was supposed to go as Selena, but accidentally left my sparkly sports bra at home.

First Hero Run in 2014
This year, I put on everything before leaving home, only waited to put on the red lipstick, that is the Selena signature, until after my coffee.

I met up the River Runners for the group picture after Bib Pick up. There was a big group running!

River Runners- Super Hero Pose
My running belt didn't fit between my bib and the sparkly bra and pants, so I opted for leaving it behind, and I haven't been using music or headphones for 5ks this year.

I met up with Jodi and Emily at the start line. Jodi asked me what my time goal was, and I said 27 minutes. She said that she would run with me. I have never had somebody stay with me for an entire race, my family usually follows the "Run your own race" Rule. But I decided I would stay with Jodi, if she went fast, I would go fast, even if it hurt a little.

The race started about 10 minutes late. We were in the back, thinking that we were going to start off slow, but we quickly passed many other runners. Right after we left the parking lot, a guy cut the course, instead of circling where the cones were, he cut across the parking lot. "Who does he think he is cheating? " I asked Jodi, and she replied "Right, the winners are probably a mile ahead already."

We passed a lot of people and had a bit of trouble staying next to each other, but we kept an eye on each other until the course cleared up some.

We ran past an older man who was chugging along, we both told him that he was amazing and to keep going. Right before the 1 mile mark, we were running behind a young girl who was leaping super fast. We stayed behind her for a few minutes, and as we passed next to her I said to her "You are amazing, I want to be like you when I grow up!" this put a spark on her and she started running faster.

A little while later, we passed two boys who were also running super fast, as we came close to them, I told them that they were super awesome, they also started running faster. Kids on race courses are amazing!! they always blow me away.

The course took us up behind the mall, we were running side to side, I felt Jodi slowing down a bit, so I slowed myself down to stay with her. I shouted if she was ok, she shouted back yes.

I felt fine the entire time, only had a bit of a pain on my left shin, but nothing to stop for.

The last bit of the course goes through the mall, and that is always a difficult part when it is so cold outside, and the shock of the heat is difficult to deal with, but the day was so warm, that it didn't make much of a difference this year.

I got a little ahead of Jodi, because the mall part was a tight squeeze to stay side to side. She was right behind me the entire time we were inside the mall.

We made the online edition of the local paper

Right after we excited the mall, I turned and yelled ( or mumbled) Let's go Jodi, we are there! Let's finish this thing, and we both started sprinting to the finish. Roger caught the awesome moment of us crossing the finish line in perfect sync!

My Garmin said 25.58. I turned and high fived Jodi as we both tried to catch our breath. We went inside the mall to grab some water and snacks. I couldn't stop smiling!

After some coffee and snacks we did more pictures.

We waited for Emily and her son, we were getting worried about them, because they were starting to take things down and they were not back yet. But finally, they crossed the finish line smiling.

I already marked my calendar for next year.... and maybe this time I'll make my son stop questioning my levels of normal and go as Wonder Woman.

Who is your Hero?
Who would you dress like for a Hero Run?


  1. How interesting that you got to run through the mall! Hey you shared a newspaper page with Joe Biden! :) I love your outfit. I have never dressed up for a race. I'm sure I'll do it someday. :) Congrats on beating your goal time!!

    1. I know! That's why I didn't even bother cropping the picture! When else will I be able to say I shared a newspaper page with Joe Biden, right?


      what would you dress up as?

    2. Ahhh so cool! I love this and I love how much fun you had dressing up and racing this race! You did so well, too! NICE.

    3. I have no freaking clue! I am not a super hero-y person, so I suppose if it was just like a "general" costume race it would be easier for me to decide. Let's go with the boring black cat. ;) Were you sore after your race??

    4. I used to dress up for races just for the fun of it. There was a race last year Bark In The Park that was a costume race, it would have been perfect for
      You to go as a cat!!

      I wasn't sore, I went for a 4 mile easy run after the 5k, but wasn't sore from that either.

  2. Suzy, I think I have more fun when I dress up for a race... I should start doing that. thanks !

  3. How fun! I'm not much for running in costume, but I do have that Wonder Woman tunic from Halloween this year. I'd wear that.

    1. YOu have to wear your wonder woman tunic Wendy!!

  4. An honor to run with you, Ana!! :) Thanks for an awesome race.

    1. It was an honor to run with you! We need to do it again!

  5. I LOVE your race outfit. Love love LOVE it. You are rocking it out in the red sparkles!!! Crazy to see people who so blatantly cheat at races like this. What's the point, right? Sorry about the shin pain but glad it didn't affect you. That would indeed be a weird transition to run inside the mall with such a drastic temperature change, glad indoors/outdoors weren't too different this year. Way to go on running such a killer time and smashing your goal for the day!!!

    1. Thank you Emily! can I insert a humble brag? I made the costume myself!

      Thank you!! you are too kind!

  6. OMG!!! Your time freaking rocks :) Very well done. and I love your creativity with your costume. It looks awesome.
    I like getting dressed up in something goofy and running for fun...I have tried to really nail a speedy one in costume lol I have a sleazy little batman costume (it is short) LOL I wore it last with tights :)
    Super fun you had a buddy to run with. Great finish pictures!

    1. ja ja!! a lseely batman!! you are funny! When running in costume, I think short is the way to go! my sister has helped me make skirts before, and she hates when I tell her I want the skirts short.

    2. ugh!! Sleezy.. not whatever I typed.

  7. That sounds like a great race! I've never done a race that goes inside for part of it. That sounds interesting! Great job!!

    1. It was weird, but fun at the same time. So weird how that affects the run!

  8. This sounds like a fun race! I love how encouraging and nice you are to everyone on the course. I love seeing kids run a race as long as they're not obnoxious about etiquette, which they sometimes are. It's really nice to see them being active and motivated! And you know they'll grow up to be runners, which are the nicest breed of people around :)


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