November Is Here... Random Ramblings

This November, I am so ready for November to be here and be done. Specifically for the Elections to be done! Done and done!

My niece loves this one video on YouTube about fishies or sharks or something that is high pitched and happy. She sees a phone and gets all excited and points and cries at the phone, her way of demanding that shark song to be played for her. And EVERY SINGLE TIME that my sister would start the video, the annoying "They are bringing drugs, they are brining crime.... " Trump Hate speech about Mexicans would start. And every time we would all hit the exit button, the mute button, or best  we would all start screaming, at the top of our lungs, "No, No, Shut up, shut up, Don't hear that hateful man Baby, Not True". I think we have traumatized our niece and my son on playing YouTube Videos.

Did you know November the month with the least office days ? There is only 16 Office days, 15 for those who observe Veterans Day. The month with the most office days this year was August.

*** Update! I miscounted, there is 19 office days. Not 16! I took out the week of Thanksgiving. Sorry!

I have given myself November to start and finish all my Christmas Shopping, I have 8 adults to shop for and 2 kids. For my son, I have a list of things to get him, and this year, it's only 2 toys. Yay me!

I am going to my parents for Thanksgiving and I am excited to have Mole and rice with my turkey. I am sure that I will be eating way to much that day, and my excitement cannot be contained.

Does anybody remember how I was getting nervous about audits a couple of weeks ago? Well, I had a reason to be. The State added a new layer of audits, so this month I have an extra layer of audits, and have 8 more to turn in. I should get to them now, they are due soon.

What are you looking forward to in November?
Is it to early to ask where you are going to Thanksgiving?
How many people do you need to shop for this Christmas?
Any work surprises for you in November?


  1. I do not envy you down there right now with the elections. It sounds like a nightmare.

    Christmas shopping stresses me out! I think I'm going to do all of mine online this year. I guess I better start soon then, hey?

    1. It is a nightmare! But I said it before and will keep saying it... I will not leave!

      I hate the two weeks before Christmas, it is the most stressful time of the year!

  2. I also can't wait for the elections to be over. I want Trump to go away so badly. That is very interesting that November has the fewest office days! To me, December always feels like it does because so few people work between Christmas and New Year's, but I guess those aren't "official" days off. =D Good luck with your audits - I know how stressful they can be and I hope everything goes smoothly!!!

    1. He does need to go away... if I hear the name Trump again in the next 1,000 years, it will be too soon.

      The last two weeks of December our office is almost empty, most people take their time off then.

      Thanks! I just ran into an issue. My computer doesn't have the program I need to finish my audit. Stressful!

  3. 17 work days in Nov for us! WOOHOO! Girl, I am also so excited for the election to be over. It is driving me crazy. I am sooooooooooooo worried. Please tell me not to be worried... Hey, what is Mole???

    1. I am so sorry! I made a mistake there is 19 days... I think for you there might be 18.5. Do you get off the "Hunting Holiday"? My son does...

      The other day, I was in the shower and Roger came in the bathroom shouting "There is a problem, they are investigating the emails again!" and I shouted back " I AM NOT LEAVING THIS COUNTRY IF THE ORANGE CLOWN WINS!"

      I still say don't worry, Orange Clown will not win. He is just not presidential. And remember 4 years ago when the Republicans lost the Latino vote and they pledged and swore that they would do a better job at reaching to the latino community? Well, having Trump shit all over us did not help their cause. The Latino Vote will be for Hillary.

    2. And forgot... Mole is a thick Mexican sauce. The one we have for Christmas is dried peppers, with lots of spices, but not necessary spicy hot. Some regions in Mexico add chocolate to it, but not our state.

      We typically have this sauce with Mexican rice and turkey. It is delicious!

    3. It sounds good! Paul loves spicy stuff, I bet he would like it. I hope Latinos are MOTIVATED and get out there to vote! I know as a woman, I am highly motivated to vote. I can't freaking believe what Comey did...

  4. I felt like October was a super fast month with a lot of days off, but I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving break. I can't wait!

    I mute the damn political ads too. It's funny, HRC's make me cry and feel all warm and cuddly, but his make me want to stab the TV.

    1. I can't wait for thanksgiving food!

      I agree, HRC are awesome and empowering. Orange clown's make me want to throw my phone at the wall!


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