Girls On The Run 5K 2016

Race Details

Registration fee: $30 (early registration was $25)
Race Date: 11.20.16
Weather: 37°, with 20 mph winds.
Goodies: Shirt, Ticket to Hershey Park, drawstring bag at the finish and snacks.

What do I say about a run in the wind and cold? It was awesome!? Cold, but fantastic?!

This is the third year I have participated on the Girls On The Run race, they do two races, one in the spring, and one in the fall. The one in the spring always conflicts with my family 5K. And I run the fall one, because I promised my Cheesteak guy 2 years ago. I don't even know if his daughter still runs it, but I can't risk losing my cheesteaks. Only rational thoughts around here, right?

I woke up Saturday with a little bit of a sore throat, but told myself that I was not sick. The entire day went like that "I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I'm not sick".  I went to bed sucking on candy to sooth the soreness.

On Sunday we stopped at Panera for a bagel and coffee before the race. I drank as much coffee as I could to keep me warm, and to soothe my throat.

After we got to the race, I went looking for my friend Jodi, who was helping out with the race, and completely missed the Mascot Race! and to top it off, I didn't find Jodi! I love the mascot race : ^ (

The race started and we circled around the Hershey Park Stadium, as soon as we hit the parking lot, the wave of cold air hit me on the face and I couldn't catch my breath. I panicked for about 1 second, then covered my face with my arm to take in a deep breath.

I ran, I ran and then ran some more. My legs felt cold. I had warmed up, but the wind was cold and relentless.

Around mile 2.3, this beast of a hill got me and I stopped to take three steps. I was mad. I train in hills, and run them without issue, but this hill got me again! I'm going to train specifically to beat this hill next year!

I regretted wearing my puffy vest, and wanted to toss is to many times, but kept thinking of the cold after finishing, and kept it.

I sprinted to the finish line as the clock said 26.35 or so. I was trying to catch my breath, somebody walked towards me to put on a medal on me. I looked behind me, because on previous years, the medals were only for the girls in the program, but there was nobody behind me.. and the volunteer was staring right at me, so I accepted the medal and mumbled a thank you.

After the medal, somebody handed me a drawstring bag, I threw a water and a banana inside of it and kept walking to find Roger. I grabbed a chocolate muffin for him and we headed home to Starbucks . It was very windy and I wanted to get some more coffee in me.

Chocolate  milk, Chocolate muffin, medal and time. Too bad I don't like chocolate

GOTR shirt
Do you have a cheesteak guy?
Do you make crazy promises to your cheesteak guy?
Do you even like Cheesteaks? I can recommend a great place in Harrisburg.
Have you been defeated by a hill?


  1. I've never had a cheesteak in my life! I can't believe you don't like chocolate. That's astounding. I think they put a medal on you because they probably thought you were one of the girls! You look so young!!! LUCKY!!!

    1. We need to fix that soon! cheesteaks are the meltiest and cheesiest food in PA, and it's our signature food. Presidential candidates have lost credibility based on their cheese choice.

      I know, I'm so short, that I might have looked like a teen girl.. except for the wrinkles around my eyes.


  2. I've never had a cheesesteak but I certainly understand not wanting to lose out on good food :) And that race looks so cold. Way to go pushing through.

    1. Are you vegetarian Chaitali? I just saw your post on Vegas and now I'm curious.

      This cheesteaks are legit, and I can't risk losing out of them. Philadelphia is a 2 hour drive.


    2. Yep, I'm vegetarian :) My travel companion was gluten free and my mom was vegan so we were a complicated dining party in Vegas!

  3. Love those pink bottoms!!! Bummer about missing out on the mascot race, those are my favorites, too. LOL - I continue to say that you and I think so much alike about life in general. I totally would have stretched to keep a promise to my cheesesteak guy, too! Very cool that you got a medal (and I love your reaction at looking around to see if there was anyone behind you, and noticing the volunteer was staring right at you). Hills are a constant challenge for me! I wish your sore throat a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks Emily! I got them at Nike last year on sale!

      We are alike! We could be sisters!

      The medal is so cute! I immediately put it with the rest of the medals for the year.

      Thanks ! Still struggling with my sore throat... it better go away before tomorrow.

      Have a safe trip to PA!

  4. You don't like chocolate? Hello? I would eat your chocolate...

    You look so young and cute, maybe the volunteer thought you were one of the girls! <3

    1. I tolerate chocolate, but it's hardly ever my first choice on anything. Coffee has always been my first love.

      Thanks!! you are making me blush! you are too kind!

  5. Wow, I can't believe this race gives out tickets to Hershey Park! I did the GOTR race in the Spring as a running buddy and we only got a t-shirt. I like those medals but unfortunately they were only for the girls and they didn't even have them at the finish line. They had to wait several days and get them at school. Kind of defeated the purpose if you ask me.

    1. The Hershey tickets is a new thing, I think it's a parternship with Hershey Park, as the race starts in the stadium and goes through Hershey Park.

      I asked the volunteer if I was supposed to get one, I would never want to take a medal that was for the girls, and she said yes, that everybody was getting one this year.

      what a shame that your girls didn't get their medals right away! I'm sorry about that! and I hope they all got them. I gave mine to my son, but he didn't want it, he said that he wanted to run the 5K.


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