Weekly Wrap 3.5.17

Happy Monday! how are you today?

Tuesday: Cardio Funk and Bolly X
Wednesday: 4 mile easy run and weights
Friday- 3 miles of sprints
Saturday: 5 miles Tempo run
Friday: 9 miles easy run

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Lent started this week, so to get it out of the way, I got my cheesteak on... because I'm giving up cheesteaks for lent.

First I want to say that I suck at recovery! While we didn't race the trail half marathon, we were for sure hurting a little after the run. I took Tuesday off from running, but had to do lots of squats at Cardio Funk and Bolly X, my quads didn't like me later that night. We also had lots of fastnachts that day, and lots of coffee!!

On Friday, while I was warming up for my sprints, an ambulance flew right by me, there had been a lot of firetrucks going by while I was getting ready, but I didn't think much of it... and when I turned the corner to start my sprints, all the fire trucks were there, and a house up on smoke and fire! Adjustments had to be made to my run, smoke was filling up my lungs and wasn't letting me breathe.


We looked later on the news, nobody was injured.

By the way, the weather in Harrisburg was doing its weather thing on overdrive! One moment we had sun and wind, the next we had squalls of snow and whiteouts! the last whiteout happened right as school let our and my Love Nugget and I ran to the car!

Running Hacks
On Friday I talked about hacks for running, I hope somebody got a laugh out of my hacks... but I forgot my most efficient one! Tell others you are going for a run, they will keep you accountable! On Saturday I told my sister of my plan to do 6 miles that day. As most of the morning was spent slacking off and eating pretzels, my sister kept reminding me to go run... when I still hadn't started by 3:00pm, she told me "if you are not running by 3:15, I'm not watching Love Nugget, you will have to figure out another arrangement." I quickly laced up my sneakers, put on my headphones and left for my run.

The West Entrance to Oxford PA
Oxford Area Schools Track
We used to live on the apartments behind the glass case, upstairs

I ran a lot of Oxford, my family's hometown, where I went to High School. I stopped by the track, where I did my first mile run. The day was bright and sunny, but very windy!

On Sunday night, as I was getting ready for my run, I saw that my friend Jodi was running by close by... after some text message exchanges, we finally found each other, and she kicked my butt up some hills! We got all caught up on our talking about future races and life. We had an awesome run!

A woman complimented our awesome outfits!!
Currently Reading
The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey- I am really enjoying this book so far! it has a little bit of the stuff I enjoy, Aliens, apocalypse and a strong YA female character!

We are currently on taper mode, our next race is this Saturday, the DC Rock 'n' Roll Half. I am very excited to run this again, and looking forward to meeting some blog friends!

How was your week?
Have you ran into a fire while on a run?
Do you observe Lent?
Did you have Fastnachts?
How do you deal with the wind on your runs?
Anybody else running Washington RnR?


  1. I hate wind more than ANYTHING. I guess it makes us mentally stronger though. :/ I'm glad you were able to track down your friend to run with that day! That's the best. I've never had a cheesesteak before in my life!

    1. Can we ship you a cheesteak? come over, i'll take you to Philly for an original cheesteak, start thinking of your choices....

      for cheese: chizwiz, provolone, or American ( Swiss is NOT an option, don't ask, it's Philly, they are rude, they will laugh)

      Onions: With / without

      Peppers: with / without

      red sauce- yes or no.

      Wind IS for sure a character builder! Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Omg well Suzy needs to have a cheesesteak! I don't eat cheesesteaks often but that is what I ate on my first date with Paul... and I ate the whole thing, PLUS the fries! :)

    1. We do need to get her a cheesteak!

      I go to the place close to my office, it's my "I'm having a bad day" meal!

      Where did he take you for cheesteaks? Yums!! cheesteak and fries sounds like a great date!

  3. Thank goodness no one was hurt in that fire.
    We got some very brief snow flurries here but nothing stuck to the ground. I did see on the news that South of here got some squalls and there were several accidents on the highway.

    1. I know, right!! it looked scary ! and worst, it was right next to the middle school! they had the school on lock down. I had a mom ask me, while I ran, if the school was on fire, she looked panicky, I told her what I saw and she looked like it helped.

      There were several accidents by here too with the squalls, they were really strong at some points of the day!

  4. One of my least favorite things on a run is when you're just bipping along, no wind, or not much wind, turn a corner and all of a sudden BAM - crazy wind. And have no idea whether it'll go away in a minute or two, or last the rest of your run.

    I've gotten away from participating in Lent in the past 5 - 10 years. But Mr. Sass grew up in a strict No Meat on Friday household, so I figure that's easy enough to make happen.

    1. Exactly what I had last Saturday Jessie! crazy gust at some points, and nothing in others! it bothers me when it hits me right on the face and I can't breath !

      No meat Friday is challenging, but doable! this last Friday, I had mountains of broccoli with everything I ate.

  5. I can't believe about the fire! Glad you got out of there and that no one was injured. Last year a building near my apartment burned down and it was so scary. They interviewed Dan for the news but I guess he wasn't interesting enough to be shown :(

    Good luck at the race! I'm excited too :

  6. The fire sounds pretty scary! And that's definitely a great hack, I'll tell people too if I'm worried I'm going to wimp out.

  7. Oh gosh, last year a house burned down in my neighborhood and all the local news stations were here. I of course ran by and got interviewed!

  8. I'm not happy when it's windy while running or cycling. I've never seen a fire while out running. As a child, fire was my biggest fear! We've had a few kitchen fires in our neighborhood though. You and Jodi have on very cute outfits! Good luck and RnR! That should be a great race. Thanks for linking, Ana!

  9. We have a town in Mississippi called Oxford and when I saw this post on IG I thought oh wow your in MS but then I saw PA. Womp Womp!
    Wind can throw a curve ball into your run for sure. I never know how to dress when wind is involved either!


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