Lucky Charm 10K

Race Details
Cost: $45 + Processing fees ( I hate processing fees,  I would prefer they lied to me and gave me a flat fee).
Route: Harrisburg Downtown to uptown and back.
Goodies : Woman cut cotton shirt, Fleet Feet Coupon (upon completing the race), free beer with Bib, and medal.
Weather: 40, cloudy, no wind, super light mist.

Most of my running friends did this race last year, and I was left feeling completely left out. I am almost certain I've said it here before, but I don't like doing races on the days that my son is with me. But I make a few exceptions each year, but only because my sister agrees to watch him while I run. My son himself asks for this dates with his Tia, and they end up having a great time together.

The race started in Downtown Harrisburg, there were two distances 5K and 10K. Both starting at the same time. The race started on time, which I always appreciate!

OmG!! I am not capable of writing a normal race recap... I get bored with my own words half way through!

*Drama Alert* The night before the race, my son was telling his father that he had helped up cleaning the race course. His father ask him if he would be running the race, and my son said "no, but Mommy is!" to which he replied "Me and (his fiancé, whose name shall remain off my blog) are running it!". UGH!!  what a pain! I quickly went back and read a comment from my very wise friend Megan, and kept repeating it over and over in my head.

Come race morning, I was nervous about bumping into him and having him beat me at a race... Only normal fears allowed right?

My first mile was wobbly, my legs felt shaky and wonky. My mind was playing tricks on me!  It took me blasting my music as loud as possible to calm myself down.

The route was amazing! I have worked in Harrisburg for over 10 years, and had never ran this streets! The view of the capital in Locust Street was truly breathtaking! We do have a very pretty Capitol!

I finally calmed myself down, and kept running along front street. I love running by the Susquehanna River! it's one of my favorite running routes, but Roger doesn't like to run in Harrisburg, so I don't run it often. We ran by the Governor's residence, and turned by where our office used to be in Uptown Harrisburg, by Italian Lake. 

For about 3 miles, I kept my eye on this one runner who looked like my friend Jodi, and kept telling myself to catch her, she was about .20 miles ahead of me. After the turn around by Italian Lake, I realized I was chasing the wrong person and Jodi had been right behind me.

My legs were feeling a bit tired, but nothing out of the normal. No pain on my feet, calves or shins!!

The part of the course we helped clean up was coming up, and with it a small downhill to the river. I used downhill to finally pass a woman in a yellow windbreaker that I had been behind for most of the race.

I crossed the finish line when the timer was showing 52.18, which I was not expecting! My last best 10K time was 52.20... PR by 1 second? Sure!

After getting my medal from one of the kids from Gils On The Run, and my coupon from my friend Shelby (she might not call me her friend, but we follow each other on Instagram, so that counts!), I went to wait for Roger, who I knew was right behind me and if he had stayed on his pace, was set to beat his 10K time and finish under 1 hour.

When the clock said 59:07, Roger crossed the finish line!

A little after, I caught up with my friends Jodi and Adriane, both who did amazing and ran a strong race! Adriane had been up partying the night before, and still kicked butt on this race!

My Friend Adriane, we run together on Fleet Feet days. I love running with her!
We checked our times, and I did better than I had expected and finished at 51.51. 10K Personal Record!! Roger did 58.39.

The Bib would also get us a free beer at a bar downtown, but we were cold and hungry, and I wanted to get back to my son as quickly as possible.

I enjoyed this race very much! The course was mostly flat, with very scenic views of Harrisburg, very well organized and excellent course assistance.

And in case you were wondering, we didn't see my ex-husband or his fiancé.

Do you hate processing fees?
Do you get your free beer at the end of races?
Did you ever chase the wrong person at a race?


  1. I love your race recaps! They really DO feel boring to write though, eh? Yours are not boring. :) Meg is a wise woman. I'm glad you two live close to each other. You should run together again! Congrats to both you and Roger on a great race! Getting in under an hour is a huge accomplishment!

    1. Thank you Suzy! that means a lot! I find recaps boring to write, because most of the time while I'm running, all my thoughts get really strange... and I don't feel my insights on running are new or groundbreaking.

      I do need to call Megan and run together again! I'll let you know if that happens!

  2. Ugg yes I hate the processing fee. My sister even went to drop of a check in person one time and they still had to charge her the fee. She asked "what are you processing"?

    This race is on my list for next year. I hope I can make it!

    1. Exactly! What are they processing that is not included on the race fee? I'm already paying $45, just tell me the race is $48 !

      I hope you can make it next year! I added extra course description only for you!

    2. Haha, thank you! You know I love those details that others might find boring!

  3. Processing fees are the worst!! Congrats!! Cute medal though!!

    1. Thank you Lora!! It was a very handsome medal!

  4. I'm glad you let it gooooo and look, you pr'd! I always tell you your recaps are the best. Next time I run a race, how about I tell you about it and you can write my recap? And suzy can come up with a title because she is good at that! :)

    1. You got it!! That would be an interesting experience, writing somebody else's recap! Suzy does have the best tittles!

  5. Congrats on your PR! That is awesome! How fun to run a new route in your city!

  6. Congrats on the PR to both of you!!!!!

    If two people mutually follow each other on Instagram that counts as a friendship to me! It HAS to count because otherwise I only have like one friend... and he's a cat so I'm not sure to what degree he counts :D

    1. Thank you Kristina!

      Exactly!! I would only have family if we counted IRL friends! And yes, Cecil does count as a friend!

  7. I love reading your recaps- I can hear you talking to me :) I hate the fees too. Especially when they are like 3 and 4 bucks!! Really guys?? I am glad you had a good race despite.. ahem. I really enjoyed this race even more than last year. Until next time!!

    1. I did ask Fred if I could just register with him to avoid the registration fees... he just laughed, in his Fred way and said no.

      It was a very enjoyable race, and not to jinx it, but the weather was so perfect! Until next time !

  8. This looks like a fun race! I love the theme haha. I cracked up when you interrupted yourself to say you get bored of your own race recaps. After awhile, writing recaps isn't as fun anymore! I miss when they were - every race felt worth of a write-up! But I still like READING them so I hope you keep writing them.

    Congrats on your PR!!!

    1. Thanks! I sometimes get bored with my own recaps, but love reading other's recaps!! I agree with you, they are a great way to document feelings and training on specific races. There is times I don't remember the pains or struggles, until I read the recap again.

      Thank you!


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