Move-A- Thon My 3 hours of Zumba

Zumba is one of my favorite things to do! I've loved to dance since college, but it's hard to find a partner who is good at Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Banda and random popular music. I have only met 1 man in my entire life who was a good dancer at all of those... and I wanted to marry him! But he wanted nothing to do with me. Oh well, his loss! Then, in 2011 Zumba entered my life and I have not needed a partner to dance since.

The local YMCA was having a 3 hour zumba class, it is my understanding that this event has been taking place for more than 6 years, but this was the first time I could participate. The event was a fundraiser for ALS, and it cost $30 to participate. There was also the option to fundraise $100 to get a shirt.... being a runner, I'm used to getting a shirt for dropping $30, so it made me sad to not get a shirt I was never going to wear. < Weird how that psychology works.

The Event was 4- 40 minute sessions with breaks in between.

This is the part where I tell you that when I'm at Zumba, I think of myself as the star of the show. Nobody is going to out-dance me, and even if I make a mistake, I will act like it was on purpose. My sister says that I make a Diva face when I'm in this mood.

I liked trying out new instructors, my favorite was one of the first ones, she had all the right energy for a good instructor. There were some songs that I didn't like their choreography, and at times, I did my own.


My favorite songs were Hand Jive from Grease, and a merengue song that I can't remember the name for.

I didn't feel tired until 2.45 hours into it, I wasn't thirsty, but I did get hungry.

The way I thought about it, this was like doing a 10 mile run at a 13 minute / mile speed.

I didn't like one of the instructors, I purposely avoid her class. I also didn't like that none of the instructors included any Samba, Bollywood music, quebradita or belly dance songs. Art In Motion seems to be the only group that does those songs around here.

I would absolutely do this event again next year!!

Do you like to dance?
What songs do you dance in the kitchen?
Is there anything that brings out your Diva?


  1. You will have to text me and let me know what instructors you didn't like. I know you don't want to talk smack on your blog! I am not good at belly dancing but I do like bollywood music. I go HARD at Zumba. If we went together, we would probably both die from exhaustion trying to out dance one another! Do you have all the zumba clothes?

    1. Of course!! we should do zumba together! Let's figure out what works out for our schedules!

      I don't have all the zumba clothes... I have two pairs of leggings and three shirts, their stuff is expensive and I don't like spending a lot of money to sweat on clothes.

  2. I can TOTALLY see you dancing amazing and like a diva! I love it so much! I love how much passion and energy you have--it's contagious! Roger is a lucky guy. I'm trying to think of what makes me feel like a diva... I haven't felt like one in a long time. I need to fix this.

    1. Thank you!!

      I'm sure you have a diva moment somewhere!! maybe when you are about to crush somebody at a race!

  3. Sounds fun! That's great that they switched out instructors so you got some variety. I definitely love to dance but don't get to do it as much since I'm too old to enjoy the nightclub experience any more. That's why I really liked Bang when I tried it out. I'll have to try Zumba as well.

    1. It was great! I don't think I could have done zubmba for 3 hours form the same person.

      I feel I've been too old for clubs since I was 21, and zumba doesn't require a partner!

  4. You're so funny. I can definitely see the DIVA face happening. Wonder if I know any of the instructors? Sounds like fun. I did a zumba thon 2 years ago for GOTR and I did work up a sweat. Glad you had fun. One of these days I will have to join you for zumba

    1. Ja ja! Yes! anybody who knows me IRL has seen that diva face at some point!

      We can see what works for zumba ! this place I started going to is $5, and that instructor is the right level of crazy, like we talked about before!


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