Weekly Wrap 3.26.17

Hello Monday!! How are you today? How is your day going?

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Work outs
Monday: Zumba and weights
Thursday: 3.75 miles and Zumba
Friday: 4 miles easy pace and weights
Saturday: 3 hours Move-a-Thon Zumba and 5 mile hike
Sunday: Zumba and 6 tempo (ish) miles

Last week Roger and I decided that we were stopping our training for a Marathon this spring. We were behind from the beginning of the year, and we simply never caught up. For the rest of that day I walked around feeling lost. I know it's overly dramatic, but that's exactly how I felt. The best solution for feeling lost... go for a run. There is more marathons later this year.
Do All The Zumba
This week was super zumba heavy and I loved it all so much! Monday I tried a new Zumba place, Zumba with Cat. I do zumba with Cat on Thursdays at the YMCA, and she is one of my favorite instructors there. When Megan posted the other classes she offered, it was a solid option for Mondays!

Zumba at the skating rink was really cool! the place was huge and there were dancing lights, that was so awesome!!
Thursday night I ran with Fleet Feet along the Conodoguinet Creek, it was a beautiful spring day!

On Saturday I decided to attempt a 3 hours zumba day! I have done 2 hours before, and absolutely loved it, so it felt like 3 would be doable. The YMCA had a Move-A-Thon with their Zumba instructors, I might do a recap of this later on the week.
I had so much fun!! I danced so hard and shook everything my mama gave me... my mama didn't give me much of a butt, but I shook whatever is back there until they kicked us out!
After all the Zumba, I needed all the Starbucks.
My order on my way to Valley Forge. So grateful for gift cards!
Valley Forge
After the Move-A-Thon, we drove to Valley Forget for a paved hike around the monuments there. Valley Forge is such a beautiful place, I can't believe how long it took us to make it out there!
We also had a very productive Sunday, we got up and ran some errands and did lots of laundry. After, I had my last Zumba of the week with the awesome ladies of Art In Motion Fitness.

And a quick and tad painful 6 miler.
I don't know why I'm smiling, my calves and my butt were in pain !

It was painful, because Camp Hill can be very hilly. The first two miles were very relaxing and calming, then like Marcia would say, the suck monkeys started to whisper negative thoughts of pain in my legs... but it got done!
I feel like there is food pictures missing.... After our hike we had this super tasty chocolate dessert at a Restaurant in King Of Prussia. It was super yummy! I have no memory of what it was called.
I also made a snack I grew up eating. Saline crackers, topped with sour cream and hot sauce.

Currently Reading :
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, while still finishing The Magicians.

Also, yesterday I watched a really cute, but really sad kids movie. We rented Middle School, The Worst Years Of My Life, and it was all going well, funny and entertaining, until 3/4 of the movie in... when we find out the one character, a kid, is a ghost! Man! that one hit me hard!! I started crying at that scene. Not cool !! I am not ok with kids being ghost in movies! It reminded me of reading We Were Liars, that book broke me!

Tell me about you!!
How was Your week?
Who raced this weekend?
What do you order at Starbucks?
What weird snack do you eat?
How is Spring coming along where you live?
Do you like sad kid's movies?


  1. Sorry you are giving up on marathon training. What marathon were you going to run?

    That is a lot of Zumba!

    1. We had been looking at a marathon in Delaware, I think it started at Bethany Beach and finished in Rehoboth, we also had looked at Pittsburgh Marathon, but had a schedule conflict on that one.

      It was a lot of zumba fun!

  2. You had a very fun but busy week!! Valley Forge looks great.
    I had to drop my marathon hopes too, I was behind from being injured and my body doesn't love the long, long stuff anyway.
    I know all about the suck monkeys lol

    1. It was a busy weekend!

      Were you injured again? I'm sorry to hear! Marathon training takes a lot of time! and a lot of it is mental preparation.

  3. Spring is coming fast and furious now. We enjoyed some cooler weather earlier this month but I see the high this week will be in the mid to upper 80s with one day hitting 88 degrees. It feels too early in the year for that kind of heat!

    I'm sorry you were bummed about giving up marathon training, but there are plenty of fall marathons to get excited about! Which ones are you considering?!

    1. It is going to be a warm spring !

      There is lots to look at and make decisions. Right now, we are considering Harrisburg Marathon, or one in Philadelphia.

  4. You did Zumba for THREE HOURS?!?! Or am I reading that wrong?!?! I love weird random snacks. I love mustard on anything, so I'll often eat crackers or chips with mustard.

    1. Yes, I did! It was a special fundraising event. It was a lot of fun! equivalent of running 10 miles or so.

      I love weird snacks! and most things I eat are weird to others.

  5. Look at all that Zumba! Is it bad I've never tried it? Yes it is because I'd love it. The closest I came was doing in on a cruise but my kids were so embarrassed they begged me not to. I'm a straight up coffee w/cream girl at the bucks. If I splurge I go for a coffee frap.

    1. It's not bad! it's a lot of fun, you can still give it a try sometime... maybe when the kids are back in school?

      I only splurge on the fraps after races... or if I had a stressful day.

  6. I like to dip pretzels in applesauce? But I rarely have either of those things on hand. And it's certainly not a snack that I CRAVE. I think most of my snacks are pretty normal.

    LOVE me some Zumba, though it's been over a year since I've been. 3 hours of it would have me SWEATING!

    1. That sounds good! apple saucy pretzels!

      Zumba is definitely a fun and very sweaty activity!

  7. Wow,I'm impressed with the three hours of zumba! That sounds hard. And too bad about the marathon training but it sounds like the right decision given how you're feeling about being behind.

    1. Thank you Chaitali! My biggest problem was that I got hungry at hour 3.

      There is other races.. the running will still happen.

  8. I can't believe you did 3 hours of Zumba! I once did 2 and felt like I was going to die! :) I'm glad you like Cat. Let's go together sometime! And we need to run together again too.

    1. Let's go together for sure! let's figure out what schedule works !

      You must have been dancing pretty hard at your 2 hour zumba!!

  9. I actually wish I could quit marathon training, but I'm committed!

    1. I admire your commitment Wendy!

  10. You are the Zumba Queen! I've never taken a class. I'm not sure I have the moves for it. LOL. That's an interesting snack. I like Saltines. I LOVE sour cream. It's doable! Right now I'm addicted to nut butter on Nilla Wafers. Thanks for linking, Ana!


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