Weekly Wrap 3.12.17

Happy Monday!! I am still jet lagged from the spring forward, but excited for more sunlight !
I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Monday- 3 miles easy
Thursday - 3 easy miles, Zumba and 15 min of yoga. 
Saturday: RnR D.C. Half marathon
Funny, weird Story... Where is my Shoe?
On Monday at work, I took off my one shoe under my desk, because my foot was hot. 5 minutes later, somebody asked me a question, and I got up, but couldn't find my shoe! stood up and answered the question, knowing that it was not possible to leave my desk. I took a picture, to send my sister... this are the things we share with each other...
Pink Darth Vader socks..... I need motivation to get up early in the morning.
How does somebody lose a shoe under a desk? Well, do you see that computer tower? I use it to elevate my feet and apparently, to hide my shoes!
I know, where else do you get random stories of shoes lost under a desk?
Resting was very welcome this week! My calves were a bit tight, so rolling and stretching it was all week.
Whenever I need to take out the trash at night, I put on my running headlamp... my trash is at the end of row of apartments, and often there is people walking their dogs.

Does anybody else wear their headlamp for other household chores?
Meeting awesome Bloggers
On Friday after completing many piles of work at the office, we headed to DC for the Half Marathon. I met Chaitali for dinner, and we enjoyed a wonderful chat and a delicious dinner, She also did me a huge favor and picked up my race stuff, because I couldn't leave work early! Thank you Chaitali, for letting us crash the dinner with your friends! You are awesome!
On Saturday morning we put on all the layers, and prepared for a cold half marathon, surprisingly, it didn't feel as cold once we started running. The race was amazing, I had a great time! I'll recap later this week.
Right after getting my medal at the finish line, my left foot started hurting a lot! I couldn't walk and was limping. It took a long time, but the pain eventually went away.
After the half marathon, and a short trip to the DC Metro, we upgraded ourselves to the new century and took a Lyft for the first time!! We loved it!
The rest of the weekend was spent eating and drinking recovery food.
Currently Reading
The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson. I'm having a hard time getting into this book.
My legs are a bit sore, but nothing out of normal. We are expecting snow tomorrow, so that might turn out to be another unexpected rest day.
How was your week?
Have you ever lost your shoe under your desk?
How cold was it where you live this weekend?
Have you recovered from the Spring Forward? I struggle with Spring Forward more than with Fall Back.
Have you tried Lyft or Uber?


  1. Oh I'm so glad your sore foot went away! Your post race food and drinks look superb and well deserved. Can't wait to hear about the race!

    1. I love eating fatty salty foods after races! they are the best reward for races!

  2. I'm glad the weather didn't realy effect your race and you warmed up. I'm really nervous about the weather during my race in NYC this weekend. I see that it now dropped 10 degrees from what it was showing all last week!

    1. I'm nervous for you now Meranda! the snow is not going to be nice! But you got this!! I can't say it enough take throwaways and pack a warm change of clothes!!

  3. I used Uber once to get to a friends wedding - I knew MR. Sass would be driving separately later & we didn't want to pay to park 2 cars. It was definitely a good move, and only cost a few dollars. I deleted the app on my phone 'cause I needed space, but I would definitely use it again.

    It was chilly here too this weekend - I was frozen from the inside out after my long run.

    And I lose my shoes under my desk all the time, and always the split second before someone wants to ask me something. Unfortunately at my desk there is no way to talk to someone without turning ALL THE WAY AROUND. So it's always like OMG WHERE IS MY SHOE.

    1. That is very smart Jessie!! two cars is just too many!

      It was cold!!

      I always have the panic "Where is my shoe" moments in the summer !! or when I wear heels!!

  4. I'm glad you had fun at your race!!! How is your foot? I think during race recovery is the perfect time for a snow storm. :) I love your shoe you lost under your desk. They look suede? The only bad thing about my new suede oxfords is I can only wear them when it is NOT wet outside. Omg it is snowing and blowing so hard right now! I am not looking forward to going out and shoveling. Oh, I use my running lights to look for cat pee in my house :)

    1. I think they are suede, they are your shoes' twins. You are going to laugh at me, but I only wear the shoes inside my office. even when I got to lunch, I put on my sneakers or other shoes. But they better be suede, because I paid a lot for them!

      foot is better today, rolled it and stretched it.

      how did the shoveling go?

      Jaja !! that is the best use of a running light at home!

  5. I had a great time meeting you guys too! I'm glad you had fun at the race and that Lyft worked out :)

    1. We need to meet again for more food talk! I'll message you next time I'm in DC.

  6. Ha! I've never lost a shoe under my desk but I have several pairs stored there. Oofos, running shoes, etc. I'm glad you enjoyed RnR DC and you were able to embrace that brutal weather. I need details! How fun to hang out with Chaitali too! Thanks for linking, Ana.

    1. I need to get a pair of Oofos under my desk now!!

      Just posted my recap, check it out if you have a chance.

      thank you for hosting Holly!

  7. I am rolling about the lost shoe! I can't say I have done that but I do walk around my office in sock feet sometimes if I have on heels.
    I didn't even notice the time change until Monday night really because I was so tired and wanted to go to bed at like 8pm!


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