Squirrely Tail Twail Wun - Half Marathon Race Recap

Race Details
Cost : $25 plus processing
Goodies : cotton shirt, post race snacks, race fuel, and free views of the lake (From the race website)
Weather: Sunny, windy starting temps of 28.

Roger and I chose to do this race as a training run, knowing that we didn't have much experience on trails. We hike a lot, but we barely ever run in trail. We had 12 miles on the schedule for that day, and our logic was "What is one more mile?!"
We went into this a bit overconfident, thinking that I could finish it in 2:40.


I had a weird pain on the back of my right ankle since Thursday night. I had taken off from running on Friday, hoping the soreness would stop. As we started running, I kept feeling the twinge on my foot, but kept telling myself to keep moving.  
We started out pretty fast, there were lots of branches and rocks, it seemed like if the terrain was this, it would be a bit painful at the end, but manageable.
That was until we hit long stretches of mud! Since a lot of people had passed me, so the mud was extra squishy. I was most afraid about falling on the mud and having a wet muddy butt... I think falling on my butt is one of my irrational fears.
The parts of the run that were not muddy, were runnable. I found that Pinchot part is not as rocky as other parks in PA.
There were other parts that were completely free of mud and quite runnable, I ran most of those. At some point, Roger was way ahead of me and I was sure that I would come in dead last, this motivated me to keep running an moving.
Since I was mostly alone for about 6 miles, I sang and ran a lot! Around mile 5, I really thought that if somebody offered me to drop out, I would have without a second thought dropped out. This was a mile that was mostly mud.

But after the water stop, I told myself to keep going that it was in me to finish this run.
I crossed the finish line at 2:50, 10 minutes slower than planned, but not too bad.
Jodi got a picture of me at the finish... I am smiling because it's over and I can eat now! Jodi also let me borrow her Buff when my head got too hot with my hat. Thanks girls ! you are the best!!
Overall, I enjoyed the run. I was afraid of falling on the mud, and wore the wrong shoes. I was worried about wearing my trail running shoes, because their padding caused me pain before. But now I know that a trail run this long, requires better shoes.

I loved the finisher medal!!

Are you afraid of falling on the mud?
Do you have trail running shoes?
Have you ever thought about dropping out of a race half way through?


  1. I would definitely have been worried about falling in the mud! Great job pushing through on a tough race :) That medal really is cute.

    1. Thank you Chaitali! The medal was the best part!

  2. I swear I commented on this yesterday! I wanted to run this race but totally forgot about it. I may go run at Pinchot tomorrow. I know exactly what muddy part you are talking about. It is ALWAYS muddy there! Sometimes it is a stream!

    1. Yes, it looked like it is always muddy there ! it looks as it is the path of rain water, and snow!

      I would love to run up there with you again sometime, let me know! maybe we can arrange something !

    2. I would like that too! :) The next mild weekend we are both available. :)

  3. Man, a half trail race sounds so daunting, but really fun and challenging in a good way, too. And that medal is worth it!


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