The Best of My Year- TV Shows

I'm making a full confession here... I don't watch much TV. I simply don't have time for it, between spending precious time with my son, running, doing zumba, yoga and weight training, there is simply no time.  About 3 years ago, during my divorce I went through a very serious Netflix binge, that is how I finished Gossip Girl and Doctor Who in two months. But I realized that although both were great shows, I was watching people have amazing adventures, and fabulous lives while I was sitting on my couch lamenting my life. So I made the decision to cut back on watching TV. By 2013, I cut down to local channels only by 2014 I cut all cable, and by 2015 I cut all connection with Comcast... which I find to be a horrific company.

But I am in a relationship with a man who enjoys watching TV, and enjoys many TV shows. We have already had a few disagreements on the amount of TV each of us consumes, but we have come somewhat of an agreement. He can watch his favorite shows when they come on, while I do my own thing. Also, we each pick a show that we like and on the nights that my son is with his father, we will watch 1 or 2 episodes when we are not running, doing weights, exploring a new small town of PA or sipping coffee at a local coffee shop. We have shared great shows, which I would have never thought of watching before, and we have together discovered shows we enjoy, and I have also share with him some of my favorites, some of which he would have never consider himself. Here are some great things we found this year, most available on Netflix.

New Girl- We both decided to give this one a try, because we had just finished Six Feet Under and cried our eyes out. We both needed a laugh and something new to watch. The first season is hilarious!! we have watched it twice, just because it is just too funny! my favorite character is Schmitt.

Dexter- This was a show that Roger loved. A series about a serial killer was never something that I had any interest in, but after watching Six Feet Under, I had a desperate craving for more Michael C Hall. So off we went with Dexter. And my god! that show was quite a rollercoaster of emotions! While part of me was all "oh no! he is killing people" other part of my was "I hope he doesn't get caught" and I cried at the end... cried hard. 

Monk- I have a soft spot for quirky TV characters. Monk is an OCD detective, with social anxiety and a very good eye for things others miss. We watched the whole series this year and loved all the Monk adventures. And I also need to point out that whenever one of his assistants is in trouble, Monk can run very long distances, at a pretty amazing speed.... except when he has to take a physical test for the Police Department, don't think the inconsistency was lost on me.

Gilmore Girls - I love this show. I have seen it many times, but this was the first time I was sharing it with somebody. While Roger might not like The Gilmores, I find their family dynamic very realistic and even can relate a little bit. He will never admit to it, but one night, after a long run in the heat and a very tiring day, Roger said "I just want to sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls!"

Special note: Both of the Gilmore Girls are known for *talking about eating * large amounts of food. But if I know anything about being in my early 30s and eating junk, I can testify that eating pizza, ice cream and burgers all the time is not conductive to having the bodies they have. During the 7 season of the show, I can say that they have only put food in their mouths about 4 times, in season 1. But watching this show always makes me hungry! But I can completely relate to the large quantities of coffee they consume.

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Let's see what good show re-runs 2016 will bring our way... I'm thinking Buffy!!