The Best of my Year- Running Stuff- Favorite running things

In the last year I learned more about running, including that clothes make a huge difference on how a race goes. I also learned that shoes make a big difference, especially for long distances. I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive clothes, so I make do with what I can find for discounts and sales, and some of my absolute favorites have been very cheap things. Here are a few of my favorite running things I used this year.

Shoes- I went through 5 pairs of sneakers this year. 2 Nikes, 1 Rykas, 1 pair of New Balance and 1 Asics. The New Balance and Asics were left overs from last year and were fine, until I had to go from 5 miles to 8. My Rykas lasted me 6 months and were wonderful for running, until they tried to kill my left toe!

My favorite running sneakers this year were my Nike Free 5.0. But I have to admit that I got girls shoes, because Nike Women's shoes are too big on my feet. Best yet, I found this at the Nike Outlet for $30

This shoes were light and comfy, and didn't cause me the hip pain that all the other shoes did. Map My Run says that they are 75% done for, which makes me sad :~( I really like them.

My Favorite Running top and shorts

I found this lovely Adidas Top at an Outlet, and paid $12 for it, it was on clearance and there was an extra discount on it. I wore it only once in 2014, but found new love for it in 2015. Kept me protected from the elements, yet it was light and comfortable. Yes, my top two qualities for running gear.

My shorts... oh my shorts! I have a hard time finding shorts my size on the women's section, so every now and then, I'll check out the girls section. I found this lovelies at Walmart, while looking for something else. They cost me $3.96...and as anybody can guess, they are light and comfy.

anybody has any favorites? anything that you re-discovered ? What are your favorite running shoes?