I got bitten by a Vampire....

So as far as running injuries go.... this is the strangest I've had! So far my running injuries include, but are not limited to : shin splints, knee pain, sore legs, sore lungs, bruise ribs, blisters, black toe, which lead to lost nail... and now I was bitten by a vampire... ok, I'm being quite dramatic for this one.... I got headphones burn (Not sure that is a real term) on my neck.

Sunday after zumba, I went off to run my 10 miles. I wore a new Under Armour all weather shirt at I had purchased the month before, and it proved perfect for the weather! kept me warm for the whole run. Well, I like to hide my headphone cord under my shirt, to keep them out of the way and pulled them from my neck to my ears. That does the job pretty well, and I've never had any problems. That is until this Sunday.

I went and did the 10 miles, was very very cold after the run, quickly headed to my nearest coffee shop to arm myself with a hot beverages.

Drove and picked up my son, went to the grocery store, and after dinner, when I went to take a shower, I noticed to red/ purpleish bruises on my collar bone. My son had just accidentally kicked me on the face (The lights were turned off and he got too excited jumping into bed, while I bent down to put his books away), so I thought it was that... but it didn't make sense, he didn't kick me that hard. So took my shower, and after getting out, the bruises were now a soft pink. I was putting on lotion and when the lotion hit the bruises, it burned bad!! Then the entire run came in to my head as a flash! The headphones! They must have been rubbing on my neck the whole time!

The next day it looked worse.... I look like an awkward vampire attacked me, and tried to bite my neck bone! I've been putting on bacitracin and Vaseline, and it's slowly healing. Good thing it's winter, or at least cool enough to wear a scarf, but I am a little bit worried about Christmas and pictures, it's going to look very strange in a picture next year... me and my vampire bite marks.

Happy Holidays random strangers reading!