Christmas Week

Ahh!! It's done, gifts have been wrapped and unwrapped. Food has been cooked and eaten and it was all wonderful! Another Christmas season is almost over, and it leaves a sense of family, happiness and joy. Here are a few highlights of the Christmas weekend.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

I went to my son's Holiday Party, it was nice. My son gave his teacher the card and gift card that was her holiday present. We quickly left and headed to pick up the last things we needed at Wegmans. It was packed. We got a cookie. We went home.

Our family trip to Longwood had a few glitches, but we went, we saw the beautiful green house. We only wish that it was not raining the whole time we were there! We were completely soaked, but it was wonderful to see my son taking pictures of everything he could find and my niece enjoyed seeing the water.

My son took this picture

Thursday, December 24, 2015
My brothers invited me and Roger to try out the Sushi place in Kennett Square Pa. My son was not agreeable to going, but he stayed with his Tias at my moms, and off we went to get sushi. I had their Lunch Bento Box with Chicken Teriyaki. The bento box had this amazing sweet potato tempura sushi that was delicious!!! I keep craving it!

For dinner my mom made the traditional Tamales and Pozole. We worked on as much as we could, since she was at work, but nothing really got started until she got there. My mom is just amazing! She went to work for 7 hours, and came home to make dinner for all of us! I want to be as strong as my mom!

One of our traditions is to celebrate my sisters birthday before we acknowledge Christmas, and we were running late, but we did a quick birthday celebration and started eating.

The pozole and Tamales were so amazing! I just LOVE LOVE tamales and pozole! I should ask for them for my birthday!

Our Christmas Tree slowly got covered with gifts.

Christmas tree at 1:30 pm
Christmas tree at 9:00
We started opening our presents really late, somewhere around 10:00pm. We all got wonderful gifts from everybody! I was very fortunate to get books, working out gloves, a yoga mat, a tech shirt, gloves, perfume, Bunbury MTV Unplugged (Which I LOVED) and a Garmin 230. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and generous family!

My sister and her husband made me a cake tower!