The Best of my Year- Running Stuff- Favorite Races

Hello dear Random Strangers! Thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings on things. This is likely to be the last of my post for this year, as I have off from work, and will be spending lots of time with my son. So, wanted to go back and relive some of my favorite races of the year.

My favorite Races

It is really hard to pick a favorite race, I really did love all 17 of them! But the three that immediately jump to my mind are The Kennett Run, Bird In Hand 5K, and The Hershey Half Marathon.

Kennett Run 5K
There are many reasons for the Kennett Run to be my favorite run, it's the first race I did in The United States, and it's one that I've been doing for years. This year most of my family was there for the event, my sisters and I ran the 5K. My brothers looked after my son and my niece, and we went to My sister's bakery after the race.

The race itself is hard! The first mile goes slightly uphill with some rolling hills, but with all of the excitement, my legs didn't notice the uphill until about half a mile in. The second mile is going downhill through what I think is the Country Club, and the last mile is a mix of uphills and downhills. The race finishes at Nixon Park.

Another favorite of this run, is that the whole town is part of it. It's one of their big events for the year. I love seeing the signs on the posts downtown.

The end of the race is the biggest collection of food I have seen in any race yet! There is pizza, cookies, bananas, soft pretzels, bags of chips. Dunkin Donuts provides ice tea, ice coffee, coffee and donuts. My sisters and I always eat tons of food after... because... you know, we just ran a 5K! The race also offers a 10K, but my sisters and I have only been doing the 5K for 5 years now... 2016 might be the year of the 10K though.

The Bird in Hand 5K

Looking back at my times and struggles, this was one of the races I did the worst at. I finished at 27.27, and felt like I was dying at the end. But the event was amazing! The 5K is held the night before the Bird In Hand Half Marathon, which I didn't do, because I was training for the Hershey Half, and because by the time I decided to run it, the race was sold out.

The Half Marathon expo was hosting Christopher McDougall as a guest, and speaker; and I loved McDougall's Born To Run book! It was so nice to meet him and have a complete mental block, and forgot to tell him I loved the book! but he was the nicest guy!

My Run road trip stuff

Right before the 5K stared, there was a hot air balloon launch, which was amazing! Most of us couldn't stop staring at the sky before the race.

The sense of runners community was amazing! We sat to eat with an Amish family and everybody at the table started talking to us as if they had known us for a long time.

Oh yeah, speaking of food... there is a pasta dinner the night of the 5K, we were hungry so we ate there and loved it! the food was fresh and amazing! We are going back for the Half marathon and the 5K in 2016.

The Hershey Half Marathon
The Hershey Half Marathon was amazing, just because it was the culmination of all the training we did during the summer. It felt really good to complete the Half Marathon! the happiness of the race lasted me longer than the sore knees! I was happy and smiling for an entire week ! while my knees were only sore for 2 days! I will be back in 2016 to complete the Half Marathon again, and I'm already really excited for it!

The race was a decent level of hard. Lots of hills, but also lots of support from the town. My son came to see the race, and seeing him at the 12 mile made a huge difference for my motivation! He also made me an awesome sign !