Hiking- Summer 2015 - Part 1

Ah!! Summer now seems so far away! it is dark, and rainy here right now... so fall is in full swing! Back in the summer, I remember sitting in the sun cursing at how hot it was, and then I remembered that by December, I would be wishing for a hot day. Here is to the memories of the summer hiking.

May 2015- Hiking at Pine Grove Furnace- I love Pine Grove !! that park is amazing! First, it is a beautiful park, with a lot of space and things for people to do. With the big lake on one side for swimming and the beach, and the Lake on the other side for boating. We packed a picnic and sat by the beach with our food. It was quiet, but full of happy noise at the same time. We spend some time at the beach playing with the sand and a Frisbee. The day was warm, and the breeze was cool on our face. It was a fantastic day! We also went for a short walk around the rental places they have there, made us want our own home inside the park.


Wildwood Lake and trail - We have been to Wildwood trails so often this year, that I almost feel I could say it's a second home. We went there for several runs, the hills offer a good space for hill training, the 3 mile loop has a variety of trails around the park. Right before the Hershey Half I ran the loop 3 times!! That was a very proud moment!
At the end of May we went there for a scavenger hunt with my son. We were supposed to answer questions and check our answers at the end. But it ended up being a hot and humid day, so we walked the 3 miles and headed to lunch.
This was the first time my son got to walk the entire loop! I was very proud of him. We got to see tons of cool things and animals. My son was super excited to see a garden snake around the trails, he is still talking about it.
We found Kings Gap on the Pennsylvania's Park App. It's strange that we are almost surrounded by state parks, but wouldn't know it unless we research it. This park was beautiful! We find that each park we visit is different from others. The entrance road to this park is a road that goes uphill in circles, or it felt like that. Once we found a bathroom, we grabbed a map and went for 4 miles of hiking.

Ridge Overlook Trail

Mountain Laurel

We went for ice cream after this hiking trip, at the small country store at the entrance of the park.
One of the most interesting places we visited this summer was the Boulder Field in Hickory Run State Park. Roger picked this park, because it has a lot of hiking trails and its close proximity to Jim Thorpe Pa, which he wanted to visit after a little hiking. We didn't realize about the Boulder field until we were looking at the Park Map. Yes, we don't do very good research on the parks we want to visit, I'll admit to that.
After reviewing the map, we decided that we just had to see the boulder field. We were in complete awe to the view of the boulder field. We went on to the boulders as far as we could, it is very surreal to be there.
Boulder Field

Vandalized Boulders- :~(

Trail by the stream

Hawk Falls

The view of a bridge from Hawk Falls... this was very cool!


We visited Jim Thorpe PA after a little bit of hiking here. Such a cute town!