My monologue on my times

I cannot believe I did 17 races this year! 14 5Ks, 2 10Ks and 1 half marathon! I'm a slow runner, but with training and some crazy exercises Roger made me do, this year I got faster.

I keep track of my times and compare my results... because I enjoy torturing myself with the numbers! I have improved my times by 2 whole minutes! Last year my best runs were coming in at 29 minutes. And I remember telling my sister and myself that I would never could beat those times. But I kept surprising myself with each run!

My Motivation
Last year I finished the Kennett Run at 32 minutes and was devastated! I wanted to be faster! so I kept running, and this year I trained, and trained harder because I wanted to have a better time at the Kennett Run. That day was one of the hottest in May, and by the time we started running it was 74. But I did it, I ran the Kennett run at 26.48. It was amazing!

My beautiful sisters and I getting ready to take off for the Kennett Run... I'm the one in the skirt

As the runs continued, the numbers on the times got smaller, not by much, but it was a huge triumph for me.

The Awesome

My best time this year was at the Oxford Oktoberfest. I did the 5K in 24.05 and got 3rd place on my age group. I got a medal!

My slowest 5k was the Irish Jig Jog 5K, *BUT* I got first place on my age group... this makes me smile :~) I got an awesome engraved mug!!

At the Library Loop I did the 5K on 24.53 and got third place of my age group. My son was with me, and was very proud to walk with me to pick up my medal.

Striking a Selena pose before the 5K, the sparkly bra helped me go faster

My biggest win was at the Ninja 10K when I got first place female, because the race was very small. I got an engraving for my awesome medal.

The...  oh so close!
At the Bark in The Park 5K I was again disappointed with myself... I got 4th place in my age group, the 3rd place woman came in 1 second before me. I was only annoyed because I wanted a cool medal!

The Next Goals
My 5K PR to beat has become 24.05, and it really seems impossible! I hope more training will get me to the goal time!