Surviving Christmas

For at least the last 10 years Christmas seems to get more and more stressful every year. The list of things to do, the lists of things to make, the things to get, the things to have perfect just get longer and longer and everything else just gets more stressful! There have been nights of me shopping for everything possible, nights of staying up very late wrapping the presents perfectly, long days of standing on my feet making cookies that got tossed.

Last year I made myself a promise to be less stressed, and simplify everything to reduce the stress. It went a little better, but forgot to get my son his Santa presents... and ended up at Build A Bear for an emergency trip. I'm not a bad mom, just a mom who has to clean up after my son... and I KNOW that he doesn't need more toys, but wanted him to have something to open on Christmas day.

This year, I want to get more organized, prioritize and conquer all my goals, taking it all day by day.... since I already forgot to give my son money for Christmas shop at school.... and that is giving me an awful headache. I've decided to organize per day, and give myself goals per week.

Week 1- December 1st to December 5th.
Goal 1: Finalize Christmas Lists
Goal 2: Organize Family Christmas Trip
Goal 3: Buy at least Christmas Gifts for 3 (out of 10) members of my family

Week 2- December 6th- Dec 12th
Goal 1: Take my son to buy presents for family
Goal 2: Get present for AIMF
Goal 3: Get present for Son's Teacher
Goal 4: Have all presents purchased

Week 3- December 13th- Dec 19th
Goal 1: Decide on 3 types of cookies and get them made
Goal 2: Wrap Half the presents
Goal: Deliver presents to AIMF and Son's Teacher

Week 4- Dec 20th to Dec 23
Goal 1: Freak out because nothing got done on the three weeks prior
Goal 2: buy everything at the last minute and throw it in bags
Goal 3: Go for a 5 mile run to forget the stress.

Here it goes!! I hope this will help me get figured out and give me a less stressful holiday season!