Surviving Christmas- Part 2

Back in the beginning of December I posted a Surviving Christmas Post , giving myself goals to complete by this week, breaking it down week by week. I know My last week goals were to freak out, but I'm proud to say that will likely not happen.

While I did not accomplish all my goals, I came pretty close.


1. Planned family trip- My brother asked if we could go to Longwood Gardens for Thanksgiving, but many other things didn't line up. So I offered to plan a trip with all my siblings for December 23rd. While it was harder to get agreements from some, I got it all planed and arranged.

Our family has lived 30 minutes from Longwood for over 15 years, and while some of us have gone before, not the entire family has ever been there before. I took my mom back in 2004, and took my son and my sister in 2012. But my brothers and older sister have not made it there yet. I'm excited for all of us to be there. While the chances for fights and/or disagreements are higher when we are all together in one place, I will focus on enjoying having a Christmas outing with most of my family. Dad will be on his way to Mexico.

3.Take my son to pick up Presents.

A week and a half ago I took my son to Five and Below to pick up presents for the family. We missed the school Christmas shop, because I didn't put in in my calendar. But made up for it at 5 and Below. We also had a good Christmas moment.... my son went to the pashminas and picked two, one for each of two Tias (Aunts). He said Tia Nina really likes cheetah print, that is what he calls animal print, and Tia Bety got a really strange gray, brownish scarf with hints of minty green. It looked really weird, so I asked him if he could pick a different one.... well, that was the wrong thing to ask.... He said to me "No, this is Tia Bety's favorite color (is not), she will love it! You told me to pick something, you are making me feel bad about my choices". I felt awful, he was right. So I backed off.

Earlier that night we went to Build A Bear to pickup a bear for my 10 month old niece. I knew that part of the gift was going to be that my son got to make the bear and name it. He enjoyed the entire process, even picked up a dress for the bear and named it Elizabeth, which touched my heart. When I was his age, my Madrina gave me a doll, and she was named Elizabeth, I played with that doll for a long time. and my best friend from Middle school is Elizabeth.

We picked up dinner, went home and wrapped everything. I was very proud of my boy.

BAB for my Niece

Diary for my sister

4.Got presents for Zumba ladies ( of AIMF )  and son's teacher.

While I didn't get everything that I wanted, I got them all gift cards to Starbucks. Money was tight for presents, this is one I'm going to say that it's the thought that counts.

5. 50% of the gifts are wrapped! that is a HUGE accomplishment.

Almost done

I have 95% of the presents purchased. I need a few things for two sister. Roger's gift is at my parents, ready to wrap. And also have to pick up couple of things for my brothers.... I have a very big family.

Santa has confirmed with me that my son's presents are ready and that he hope that He will enjoy them.

Delivering presents this week.

Nowhere Near done

I have not made a decision on cookies and/or checked for ingredients for them.

Extra accomplishments

I made peppermint bark for Roger, and shortbread cookies for work.

I managed a 10 mile run on Sunday!

I will be helping out at my son's holiday party on Wednesday.

Packed the "Christmas Eve waiting kit" package for my son.

Now I will have to find time tomorrow to finish the last few presents, charge all devices (kindle, ipad, fitbit, mp3), pack clothes for me and my son and drive down to my parents.