The Best of my year - Songs

Aaaahhh... It has been another amazing year! Ok, Dear Random Strangers... if anybody is reading this... I enjoy writing down what the best things of my year were, this will be the first year I'm posting them online. Running has gotten me in touch with new song, and reminded me of old favorites. Here are a few that kept my legs moving on both, long and short runs.

Pitbull and Gente De Zona- Piensas

I don't listen to the radio, I don't watch TV, but I am addicted to Instagram, and I first saw about this song on The Most Bad Ones Instagram page. For anybody who doesn't know, The Most Bad Ones are the official Pitbul dancers, who are amazing! Total women crush! I wish to learn to dance like them. I listened to this song most of the summer and played during most of my long runs.

Francesca Maria- Popee- Zumba version
I first heard Francesca Maria at Zumba with her song Dale, one of my favorites from last year. And this year Popee became another favorite. I practiced that routine in my kitchen more times than I can say, but I have also used the song during long runs. I would strategically put this song at the end of long runs, so when the last mile of a 11 mile run came around, I had this song to push me through.

Daddy Yankee- Sigueme y Te Sigo
Yes, I listen mostly to musica en español, or Latin music. It's what I grew up with and what makes my heart happy. This one I heard at Zumba, and went home and downloaded it. I find myself singing this song during runs. and Yes, I also practice dancing this one in the kitchen. Total Kitchen Dancer here!

Ricky Martin- La Mordidita
I blame Enrique Bunbury for my not having more mellow music to run to! If he would have released his MTV unglugged sooner! I became addicted to this song back in October. And it came in super handy for a 5 mile run. I put it in repeat for the first 2 miles to forget I was tired and that it was cold. This song transports me to a sunny and warm Florida, while running in the dark, cold and cloudy day in Central PA.

Lorde- Yellow Flicker Beat
I love Lorde's voice and her mellow lyrics. This is my multipurpose song.... I use it to calm me down when in a bad mood, it's the song I play while washing dishes, and the song I put at the beginning of my runs, to remind me to slow down and take it slow....I tend to take off running fast.

Enrique Bunbury- Contracorriente (version Pequeño Cabaret Ambulante)
I rediscovered this song at the Oxford Oktoberfest 5K. The lyrics made me realize that when I run, I'm running contracorriente.... against the current... My favorite lyric is "Contra la eternidad, la belleza del instante.... contra la distancia". Loosely translated to "Against eternity, the beauty of instant moment... against the distance". This is my new running anthem.... well, I didn't have a running anthem before.

Anybody out there has a running anthem? a favorite running song? A favorite for the last mile of a long run?