My Favorite Christmas Songs

I am so totally ready for Christmas ! I might not have all the presents purchased, or have any clue on to what I am getting my son for Christmas, or have told Santa what he wants... but I'm ready! this year I've been listening to Christmas music, even while working out, to get myself more excited about the day. And I'm also trying something different, I'm making ANOTHER check list of goals for this week, because if I don't have all my presents purchased by Sunday, everybody will be getting gift cards.

Playlist name : Buying present for my son
Goal : Get three *awesome* present for an awesome boy and notify Santa of his request
Time: After work this week

*my own definition of awesome anyway*

Carol of the Bells- Last year my son had the chance to visit the High School Symphony and since then, he has loved this song and Wizards of Winter. We have this song on repeat for Christmas this year.

Los Peces En El Rio- This song is a kids favorite in Mexico, however, being my always questioning self, I always wondered... why are this fishes drinking water? don't they mean breathing water? were there fish nearby to where Jesus was born? Still, this song is awesome and brings back many Christmas memories!

O Holy Night by The Wiggles and Joey Fatone (bad quality video)- this has to go down for history, something we will tell my son when he is older. We stayed up late on Thursday watching the Michael Buble Christmas Special, we both have a soft spot for this sweet voice crooner. He had Celine Dion as a guest singing O Holy Night, and say what you may about My Hear Will Go On, but Celine Dion has a truly amazing voice. Well, my 6 year old critic was NOT ok with her performance... because she wasn't The Wiggles! he kept making comments like "Come on! that's not as good as the Wiggles! I think they couldn't get the Wiggles to come to their show! that has to be it. She is not that good! We need to listen to the Wiggles and pretend they are singing this."

We Three Kings by The Wiggles- My son is a HUGE fan of the Wiggles. And I'm not afraid to admit that The Wiggles are pretty awesome!

Burrito Sabanero- Traditional Christmas song for children, it makes me happy!

Playlist name: Wrapping presents

All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey- Who doesn't love this song? The upbeat music and peppy singing makes me happy. And there is many people I want for Christmas! I want a whole day of fun with my son! I want a day of hiking, eating and running with Roger, I want a day of shopping, eating and talking with my sisters. Can those be legitimate gifts that we ask for Christmas?

Ven a Cantar by La Hermandad- I grew up listening almost exclusively to this song for Christmas. My mom had this album on tape back in the 1990s and this is the song that represents everything about Christmas for me. It made me very happy when the song was released on iTunes 3 years ago. I loved when I found the video from 1986 on You Tube. I just love the hair, the clothes and the dancing on top of ice cubes! by the way, it doesn't snow in Mexico, it's not even too cold.

Do You Hear What I Hear? - ** Long Story warning ** back in 1997 we spent our first Christmas in Pennsylvania, having moved here from Mexico. We missed our relatives and friends, and the town and traditions, but we tried to make the best of our situation. My dad took us to the Ames in town, and my mom asked him if we could pick up a Christmas, even though Christmas had already passed. My mom picked a random CD, and we took it home and pop it on the boom box. The first song was Do You Hear What I hear? sang by a chorus and orchestra. After playing it many times, this song became a favorite for me, especially that version. Years went by, and the CD got lost in one of our moves. In 2010, I found a stack of CDs at the Dollar three, and picked up 2 of them.... thinking what do I have to lose, they are $1 each. When I played the one CD, it was the CD we had lost with the version of Do You Hear What I hear that I loved!

Navidad Sin ti by Los Bukis and Amarga Navidad by Raphael and Bunbury
This two are two sad and depressing Christmas songs, but I love them!

The first one is about remembering the one who got away, during the holidays and wishing nothing but the best to her.

The second one is about breaking up with somebody who is just plain mean, and giving himself the present of a brand new start alone. The song starts with a very melodramatic "Acaba de una vez de un solo golpe, por que quieres matarme poco a poco"... loosely translated to "Kill me all at one, in one single hit, why do you want to kill me slowly". I play both on repeat during the holidays! for me, it just is not Christmas without those songs. And this song, written by the best author of Mexican songs Jose Alfredo Jimenez and interpreted by two great singers from Spain, that takes this song to a new level of awesome.

We all need a reminder that other people are truly hurting this holiday season.

Let is Snow- Michael Buble
I love Bubles sweet crooner voice! and his version of this song is just perfect. Even though I realize that it can hardly count for a Christmas song, it only mentions letting it snow.

Anybody out there have other Christmas Favorites?


  1. Thank you for all these song suggestions (especialemente las canciones espanoles!) I'll have to listen to each one :) have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you Gretchen for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the songs!


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