Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Wrap 6.18.17

Happy Monday! I hope you had a awesome weekend!!

 I'm  linking up with TaraHolly and Tricia this week for the Weekly Wrap.

Week was busy again, but more balanced out and less hectic. Here is a brief look at my week

Monday: 4 miles easy run
Thursday: 4 miles tempo + Weights
Friday: 2 miles with sprints + weights
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: 8 mile long run

There was a lot of running and my shins are not happy with me at the current moment.

I've been working on getting up before work to run, but that requires me to go to bed earlier... which is also a work on progress. I need to adjust what time I go to bed, but there is just so many things to get done each night before work/school!

My son is off from school and back for his vacation with his Dad. I was so happy to see him after 13 days !! That is the longest I have ever gone without seeing him!

On Thursday, I took off from work and we had a nice breakfast at Bob Evans. My son loves to eat at Bob Evans! After that we went to the local street fair, Jubilee Day.


On Saturday, it was Sister #1's birthday and her baby sprinkle ( she already has my niece, so the next baby gets a sprinkle.) Before the party, my brothers and I went for a quick 2 mile run in the local county park.

I got this awesome shot of the Bros stretching !

After the Baby Sprinkle, we did pictures outside. My niece was playing with a ball while we were standing in line waiting for the picture, and she threw the ball up in the air at the perfect moment and it looks like she is being hit in the face with a ball!! She is not, I promise!

Brother #2 joined me for the long run on Sunday, he only runs about 2 miles each day, but joined me for 4 miles and showed me new routes to run in Oxford. I enjoyed the company for the time he stayed with me.

Currently Reading
While at the airport last week, I picked up The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. So far it's just ok, I am more interested in the supporting characters than the family the book revolves around.

How was your week?
Do you have Bob Evans Restaurants near you?
Is there any local fairs near you?
Anybody going in any good vacations soon?


  1. There are Bob Evan's near me, but for whatever reason I only eat there when I visit "home" & my parents. But pretty much everything I've ever had there was good!

    1. Our Bob Evans is always full of people who are retired, we love their breakfast!

  2. I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but that looks like the thing in the show.

    1. Yes Heather! It was a Tardis! A group of Boy Scouts turned it into a free library, when my son finishes the book, we are taking it back and leaving a few there.

  3. I have never eaten at a Bob Evans. I don't think there are any near me. I bet it's good! It looks like you had a good week of running and some good family time! I hope you have a great week this week!

    1. Bob Evans has the best breakfast items!! it's a perfect post race meal!!

  4. I love your color coordinated outfits. I'm sure you tried that, right? We were at Jubilee day too! It was so hot and crowded. Hey I have been reading about one book a night so I am trying to be like you. They are all junk books for entertainment though. 13 days is a long time!!! I'm so glad your son is home with you now. :)

    1. yes, the color coordination was on purpose. The baby sprinkle theme was Lady Bugs, my sisters decorated everything in black and red, and we were all supposed to wear black and red, except for my older sister.

      Jubilee day was HOT!! We were so glad for the church that was giving out free water!

      Awesome!! what are you reading now? books are books, reading is what counts. I just read Joel McaHael's autobiography... how is that for junk?

    2. Haha okay that is junk. I'm about to start a Mary Higgins Clark boom. They're all the same but I love them.

  5. Yes, 13 days is a long time to be away! I bet e was happy to be home with you.

    I didn't get the whole "sprinkle" thing until I read it again in the second paragraph! That's a clever term for a small baby shower! I just got back from the Yucatan so i'm trying to recover.

    1. how awesome to visit Yucatan!! were the beaches beautiful? I've always read that they are perfection!!

      I know, the first time my sister told me, I thought it was a typo, but no, the second baby's party is a sprinkle !

  6. Ok, so yesterday is the first time I've ever heard of a "baby sprinkle"! They're throwing one for one of the managers at work.

    I read The Nest, and I agree with you--it was just ok. Not worth all the hype.

  7. I love how it's a sprinkle instead of a shower! That's awesome! My kids go with their dad every summer for 2 weeks and it's SO HARD. I'm not looking forward to it. :(

  8. That local street fair looks fun! I don't think we have Bob Evans around us here but it used to be one of my favorite places to go eat when I was a kid :)