Weekly Wrap 6.11.17

Happy Monday!! How are you today? How was your weekend?

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This last week was busy and crazy, but lots of fun and excitement happened.

Monday: Zumba with Cat
Wednesday: Big Run 5K and weights
Friday: 2 mile hike

My son has been wit his Dad since Thursday June 1st, they were at the beach all of last week, and I was desperately missing him! I knew this week was coming, so I made plans to stay busy each and everyday... otherwise, I would want to go home, watch TV and drink wine the rest of the night.

On Monday I went to Zumba, which was sweaty and hot, but worth the sweat.

On Tuesday I met the lovely Megan for happy hour. We talked for hours, and we could have carried on talking for a few more! Megan is such a wonderful kind, smart and strong woman, I wish you all could hang out with her IRL!

Wednesday was Global Running day, in the time I have been running, I had not participated in any Global running day festivities, because of work and taking care of my son. This year I signed up for the local Fleet Feet Big Run 5K. I talked to my sister on the phone for the entire run, and my shoe came untied at the very end of the race... but I just ran like that to the finish line, trying not to trip over myself.

Roger's Dad has not been feeling well, so we went to visit him in Florida this weekend. Roger grew up in Florida and his immediate family all live in Miami. We stayed with his sister, who is super awesome to let us crash at her place.

We visited his brother at his clothing store, and then hiked in one of the park at the Key Largo, at which we almost got eaten alive by mosquitos! But the trees and wild life were gorgeous, a completely different scene than our PA parks.


I really wanted to go for a run, but kept being lazy about it. We visited Roger's Dad Friday night. He is doing better, but they are all still worried about him. His Dad and I talked about Julio Jaramillo ( A very popular romantic music singer from the 1960s) He told me that he saw him perform live in Panama in 1960. I grew up listening to Julio Jaramillo with my mom, and my favorite singer, Enrique Bunbury recorded a cover of one of Jaramillos most popular song, Odiame (Hate me).

Here is evidence I was in Fort Lauderdale ... I love the beach there!
Saturday Morning, Roger attended an aikido Seminar with his friends from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They all have been friends for years, and see all our pictures on Facebook, so many of them approached me and said "hey, I know you! You are Roger's wife, the one who runs a lot!".... wow!! Some even said that they didn't recognize me because I wasn't wearing running clothes! I told them each (there were many ) that I don't run that much, that I know people who run way more than me.

On our way back on Sunday, I was almost not allowed to get on the plane. The flight was overbooked, and they had some volunteers staying back. When I get to board the plane, the woman at the counter said that I hadn't checked in, and they had given my seat to somebody else... strange, because I had checked as soon as we arrived to the airport... how else would they have given me my ticket? I was finally allowed to board, but had to take a different seat. I couldn't complain too much, I still made the flight!

This week, we officially begin to train for the half marathons in September. So no more excuses.

Currently Reading
I Am Malala by MalaYousafzai. What and amazing book!! I don't know why I waited so long to read it.

How was your week?
Have you ever been put on Standby for a flight?
What is the one animal you have seen on a hike or run?
Do people know you as the "One who runs a lot"?


  1. Great job on your workouts this week! Love that you were able to do a 5K on Global Running Day!

    I'm glad that you were finally able to board your flight yesterday! I have never flown standby before but I know people that have had both godo and bad experiences with it.

    Thanks for linking up for the Weekly Wrap!

  2. I hope Rogers dad is okay. I am sure it was nice to get to Florida for a bit.
    Megan is very wonderful, it really awesome you live close enough to get together.
    I have been on standby a few times and I was not happy, I didn't over book LOL it worked out for me both times though, it just required running to catch another flight :/

  3. Wow you really did have a busy week. Those are some beautiful pictures in FL.

  4. Omg the flight thing must have been so stressful! Paul and I had a very stressful experience flying standby to San Fran and then back home. His mom works for American Airlines, so we got buddy passes. We flew from Harrisburg to San Fran round trip for $80 each but it was a NIGHTMARE. First we flew to Charlotte, but all flights from Charlotte were booked so we had to head back to Harrisburg. Then we got on another one to... omg, I forget where. But we were stuck there for quite a long time and then finally got on a 4:30 flight to San Fran. It was the longest travel DAY ever.

  5. Wow, sounds like a busy week! I would have been so freaked out about the thing with the flight. I'm glad you got on and it worked out.


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