Weekly Wrap 1.29.17

Good Morning! Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week.

Work outs

Monday- 2.5 miles intervals + Weights
Tuesday - Weights
Thursday - 3.6 miles tempo + 1 hour of zumba
Friday: 4 miles fartlek + Weights
Saturday: 6 miles tempo
Sunday: 7 mikes trail run 

Last week, Roger and I had a disagreement on how many miles our training plan has been calling for. We are attempting to train for a marathon for later on the spring, but he had us on the Half Marathon training plan by mistake. I told him this last week, and he was adamant that he was correct and that we were doing the right miles... then after checking, he realized that HE WAS WRONG! and I was right! My reward for being right, was running longer distances!
Not Loving
On Saturday, I was feeling very disappointed and sad at the news of the Muslim Ban, set forth by the President. It just kept hitting me on waves, and I would cry, then be angry, then cry again. I felt impotent, and so useless. So finally around 3 I went for a 6 mile run. During the run, whenever I felt like I was going to start crying, I would run faster. If the feeling of anger hit me, that naturally made me run faster. My body felt less anxious after.

So very much Loving!
After the run, my siblings and I hit the Chambersburg Ice Fest. We walked, we had coffee, and tacos. It was great to spend time with them!

Our Daily dose of Vitamin T (for Tacos, tamales, Tortas)

On Sunday, we did something different. I had seen there was going to be a trail run along side with Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run in Lancaster. I was torn for a little while, because this was my Zumba Sunday, but after triple checking my options, I chose the trail run. I mean, how often can one say that one ran with a New York Times Best Selling author of an awesome book, right?

Christopher McDougall directing the warm up

The run was very hilly, there was a huge climb, but the park was beautiful ! and the run was amazing. I ran along Mr. McDougall for about 30 seconds, then we lost him, when he went to run with the 5 mile group.

The last and highest climb of the run
With Jodi, and Bekah at the top of the hill. We were barely on the edge of a mountain. right behind us,
we could only see the drop

I was really hungry after the run! so hungry, I ordered cheese fries at Chillis and later got ice cream at the grocery store.


Currently Reading
Life In Parts by Bryan Cranston.  The First chapter had me in the verge of tears!

How was your weekend?
What toppings do you like on your cheese fries?
Did you get your vitamin T for the week?


  1. Vitamin T stands for tequila too, no? ;) I completely relate to your Saturday run. That's running therapy right there, baybeee! I totally get it!

    1. Heck yeah! that is probably the MOST important T vitamin!! Tequila, Tacos, Tamales, Tortas!!

      We do have the best T vitamins in Mexico!!

  2. Mmm cheese fries. I am picky, I don't want melted shredded cheese, I want (fake) nacho cheese sauce + bacon, jalapenos, probably some green onions, not sure what else. But I won't bother ordering if the cheese is wrong. I can melt shredded cheese at home thank you very much.

    That trail hill looks like a monster. I hiked one of the trails I spent time running this summer and was struck by how much I can't wait to get back to that. I wish the ground wasn't covered in snow - or I could probably manage a short trail run. Otherwise I would totally bite it though.

    1. That sounds delicious!! yummy!

      That trail was a monster! lots of hills, but quite enjoyable! Snow go away!!

  3. I am very hungry after reading this and looking at the pics of all your good food! Wow that is so cool you got to run with Christopher McDouggal! Where did you hear of that happening? Why did Bryan Cranston's book make you cry? I am wondering if I should read it.

    I really worry for our country. I keep looking at the scare tactics Trump is using and his OUTRIGHT LIES. And it is working on some people.

    1. I heard about the run through Twitter, then my friend reminded me about it. Do you want to come next year? it's not a race, just a run in the woods.

      Did you see Breaking Bad? He opened the book talking about the Jane scene, and how while filming it, he started to see his daughter and broke down crying. It was an interesting read, he gives a lot of details on his Breaking Bad Character.

      I was listening to 1A this morning, and there was a woman defending the Muslim Ban, saying that everybody was taking it out of proportion and calling it what it wasn't. My son was in the car and started yelling at the radio!! he yelled "Then let the refugees in!" and he is only 8!! he knows and understands the struggles of the refugees better than our president! yes, I know my son should not be listening to this much news, but we listen to NPR to be aware and know what is happening. This are scary days!

    2. Yes, I will come to a nice run in the woods. :) I did not watch Breaking Bad but Paul loves it.

      I think if you had to pick a news for your son to listen to, NPR would be a good one. :) I yell at the news too !!!!! Wooooo!!!!

  4. In tears because the book was funny? Or sad?

    My anxiety has been so high--this president is really making me very upset.

    1. Tears sad... I wasn't expecting that. The book had a very serious tone, and he talks about his process to acting, it was very interesting.

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  6. That run looked like lots of fun. I bet you are glad you went after all! During my last marathon I ran beside the director of the Boston Marathon for about a mile or two but then of course he lost me...lol

    PS. I deleted my previous comment because I wrote a sentences and missed a few words ( I guess my brain was working faster than my fingers)..lol

    1. No Problem, I've deleted my own comments in other blogs when I make typing errors.

      It was a fun, super hilly run!

      How awesome !! they run fast!

  7. WHAT!!! So cool that you got to run with Christopher McDougall!!

    Last night I barely slept because I saw the press release the white house put out right before I went to bed not just firing Sally Yates but calling her act a betrayal. They basically said she is a traitor! I CANNOT STAND THIS and I can't believe there are any Americans who feel that anyone in government should show allegiance to a president (any president) over the country/constitution. Where is my panic button because I need to press it.

    1. I found the invite on Twitter, and after much thought, I went for it. It was a great run!

      I saw that this morning! Have you read the Running on Happy Blog by Rachel? She made a post last week about how she went to the women's march, and how she was worried about the direction our country was heading, and somebody came and left her a nasty comment about how she needed to show respect for our president!! I was outraged! Him being the president doesn't force us to constantly praise him and adore him! it is our job as citizens of this country to question him... I did my fair amount of complaining about President Obama, and Trump and all the republicans made it their job to criticize everything that he did, and block it all! so it makes me angry that they now act offended at marches and questioning. oooh... that got me riled up!

      We have been pushing that panic button since November.. is it working?

  8. I think we need Vitamin T in very large doses! I agree with Suzy up there. Don't forget Tequila. LOL. The trail run sounds fun. I can't believe you got to run with Christopher McDougall. I'm avoiding the news. It's too stressful on top of everything else I've got to worry about. Oh, I would want sour cream on my chili cheese fries. Is that a thing? Thanks for linking, Ana!


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