Run Into The New Year 5K - Race Recap

Whenever we have the urgent desire to go somewhere for a trip, the first thing I do after booking the hotel, is to look up races around the area. Roger hates that I do this, and tells me we are traveling to relax, and I tell him that is how I relax, doing races and running. He sometimes decides to give up the fighting and just join me on the race.

Racing in Rehoboth has been my goal since last year, so I agreed to spending the weekend there, if we could do the 5K.

Race Details
Fee: $25, registered that day.
Goodies : blue, tech, woman's cut shirt. Bagels, pastries and water after the race.
Time and weather: at 12:00 pm, windy, sunny, around 45.

We registered 1 hour before the race, and walked around the shops looking for coffee and a bagel. I was hungry at 11, because breakfast had been at 8:30 am.

We lined up at the start line at 11:50, but the race didn't get started until 12:25. There was no indication for the first 10 minutes for the delay, just a bunch of us standing around waiting to start. The kids race started at 12:10pm.

The race was dedicated to a local runner who passed away recently. His favorite race was Boston, so all the race memorabilia was in blue and yellow.

When the race finally got started, I had an urgent desire to go pee. I had used the bathroom 3 times before the race, but all of the sudden, the pressure on my bladder felt strong. I wondered if I could use the bathroom along the course, but kept also telling myself to hold it, there was no closed spaced around, only the beach and some short bushes.

I passed Roger right from the beginning, maybe started out a bit fast, but I was way too excited! 

At around mile 1.2, I started to feel really hot. I was wearing two layers of long sleeve shirts ... because I just hate being cold. I fumbled with my bib, and took off my top shirt, and my hat.

*Roger said he saw me at this point slowing down, and thought he would pass me, but once my shirt was off and I started running again, he lost me almost right away.

After the turn around, the race was going against the wind, and the gust of wind was making it hard to breath, I considered stopping and walking a few steps, because I was having a hard time catching my breath with the wind on my face, but then I saw a woman try to catch up with me, and I kicked it up a little bit more, and told myself that I could stop as soon as crossing the finish line.

Then I got a side stich and started cursing that delicious bagel from before the race.  ** I did some research on side stiches / cramps and how to manage them while running, and the most helpful advice I found, was to breath out, when the opposite foot from the stich hits the floor. This takes me about 20 - 30 seconds, but eliminates the pain**

Right around this point, my playlist made me very angry. I put on my Half Marathon playlist, which includes a few slowish songs to remind me to slow down a bit and catch my breath, but those songs do NOTHING for me on a 5K. The song Dust To Dust by the Civil Wars came on. While that son is a pretty awesome song, I can't run fast to it, and I couldn't skip it or stop to change it, so I took off my headphones.

Very close to the finish line, a little kid who took off flying at the beginning of the race was on the side of the course, looking confused and tired. I love cheering up kids on the course, so I shouted (in a nice way) that he was a champ and that he was rocking this race. He saw me, smiled to himself and flew off again.

As I got closer to the finish line, like a few feet from it, this little awesome girl FLEW in front of me and finished a good 5 seconds ahead. The best part, was that I didn't even hear her coming.

I finished in 25.06, and after grabbing a water, waited for Roger to finish. He came in at 27 and something.

When we went to see the official results, the list showed that I had placed 2nd of my age group! Yay me!

Right after getting my AG award, we left. It was windy and cold, and we were hungry. I asked Roger if it was rude to leave before all the AG awards have been given, but I still left... again, hungry and cold.

Final Thoughts
The race was well organized, day registration was quick and simple. There were computers set up for day of registration, which eliminated the misspelling of names and of hometowns. I love that ! The only part I didn't like, was that the race didn't start at 12:00 and we spend about 15 just waiting around to start. The course was easy to follow, free of cars, with the beautiful view of the ocean, that was my favorite part. I think they were clearing the boardwalk, but didn't tell us. I would do this race again.

Do you wait for all the AG awards to be given out?
Do you cheer kids in the course?
Advice on Side stiches?


  1. Was this the same race in Rehobeth that also has a marathon or am I thinking of some other race series?

    Great job placing in your AG! If there is an awards ceremony I usually stick around for all of them (if me or someone in my group has places), but if I was that cold or hungry or tire, I wouldn't feel bad about leaving early. Did you get a medal or anything?

    1. Oh man! I hit published before adding the medal picture! yes, got a medal it was pretty awesome.

      Yes, Rehoboth has a marathon in December, I think at the beginning of the month. They also have another marathon in April between Rehoboth and Bethany beach.

  2. NICE JOB! I hate side stitches. ARGH! Did you go pee in the bushes or did you hold it?

    1. I held it, only because I wanted to run it under 25 min... and I didn't want to moon the kids running behind me. Having to go pee motivated me to run faster at the end.

  3. Okay, it is GENIUS that rather than just traveling for a race, if you're traveling, you look for local races. I want to do that next time I travel!!

    Great job on a strong 5k. I think having to pee during a short race makes me run faster because I'm desperate for a potty! lol

    1. I would just hate to get somewhere, and see that they just had a race, so I check and plan around it.

      Thank you!!

  4. I do the same--look for races when I travel, lol!! Congrats on your AG win!!! I've also heard the same advice for side stitches--glad you finished strong!

    1. Thank you!! It was a nice surprise!!

  5. Congrats on your age group win AND not peeing your pants. I go to the bathroom alllll morning before a race and I still have to go as soon as I start. When I have a side stitch I breath in really slow and then out really slow. I also sort of massage it.

    1. Thank you! it was a bit questionable for a minute! especially, because I don't remember having that many liquids before the race!

      I'll give that a try next time!

  6. Congrats on the race!! I HATE side stitches- I'll have to try your relief method.


  7. That actually sounds like a fun race. I'm glad you were able to find on on your vacation. And congrats on the AG award!!! That is so awesome!!

    1. Thank you! It was a pretty awesome race!


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