2017 Goals

I have been struggling with coming up with goals for this year, it's not that I'm not motivated, but I'm stuck in a routine... Maybe it's time to get uncomfortable!


*Read/ listen to 60 books. 5 from the Amazon Must Read in A Life Time list.
*Red more with my son. We tend to slack off on reading on weekends.
*Ask my son more questions about what he is reading. I need to teach him more critical thinking.

My son
*Play more with my kid- I suck at playing kids games! But he is an only child and needs my love and attention.

*He also wants to run at least 2 races that give medals... he is caught up on getting medals. I hope he didn't learn that from me.

*I want to run 900 miles. Last year my goal was 600 and I exceeded it by 285, and now it's time to get uncomfortable and not skip runs.

*Run another marathon this year. I'm trying to chose between Gettysburg Marathon, and a Lancaster one in April.

*Beat my marathon time.

** Beat my best 5K time. ** this is the most uncomfortable goal**

*I need to work on communicating better with him. I suck at verbally telling him what I'm thiking.

* I want to Hike 4 new parks, and one has to be a national park.
* Visit Mexico. I'm embarrassed to say when my last visit to my home country was... but when I start dreaming of visiting the bakeries, is when I know it's been too long.
* Visit Florida- I used to visit Roger there, and after he moved here, we used to visit once a year. But last year we just couldn't fit it in our budget. This year we have to go! I need a beach with clear and warm waters!

Slowly buy more clothes for work. Right now, I rotate 6 pants, 7 jackets, 8 shirts and 1 pair of shoes. I need at least 2 new jackets and 2 new pairs of pants. This really means * buy less running clothes*.

* Finish paying off my car ( this is almost a cheat, because I know I am *THIS* close to paying it.)
* Pay off my credit card. I did say uncomfortable, right?
* Save the money I used on big expenses this year. I'll tell you more on what that big expense was, when the time is right.

* Get certified as a Zumba instructor.
* Go back to Yoga.
* See more plays
* Go to a concert
* Go to a Hockey Game
* Go to a Baseball game
* Visit 2 places from my places to see in PA list.

ah!! that feels better!

Can you recommend a national park?
How often do you buy work clothes?
Do/did you play with your kids?
What uncomfortable goal did you set for yourself this year?


  1. We have a tonne of kids, but I know they need one on one time with me sometimes. I kinda dread it because once I get free time all I want to do is curl up with a book or crawl into bed. But each time I force myself to sit and play Uno or sit and watch their video games or whatever, even if it's just for 10 minutes, it always pays off in such a great way. It's like when we all sit down at the dinner table to eat; it's tough but it always pays off. I "play" with Callum all the time though because he's 2, so he forces me to!!!

    1. Yes!! you get it! We play board games after dinner, and that is a challenge because my mind is racing with everything else I still have to do, but I know this time with my son is important, more important than the laundry.

  2. I'm not a big fan of playing with kids unless it is a board game or card game. I recommend Shenandoah National Park! You have a lot of goals but you know what? I have learned from reading your blog that you actually go out and DO stuff so I know this would be a lot for me but not for you!

    1. Thank you! that is the park we have had in mind for a long time now, we just need to plan the weekend and go do it!

      I had more things I wanted to do, but didn't want to come off too obnoxious with too many goals... I think of it more as "things I want to do".

    2. It's not obnoxious at all! You actually DO shit, so it makes sense you would have a long list!

  3. I. Love that your son wants to run races that give medals! It's great for kids to set goals to and see how happy they are when they accomplish them!
    What is your places to visit in PA list? Did you post it on the blog?

    1. I need to do a post on my PA bucket list... I've had it on a draft for months, so this month I will publish it for sure. Check back.


  4. This is a good list. Iam glad you are going big and running another marathon. I really want to do it again, but i am nervous since so many aches and pains.
    paying off the credit cards feels so good! I had all mine gone for awhile, but sadly this past year they are run back up :( I really wanted to go on trip though and boom...ugh. Paying them off is the best gift you can give yourself.
    It is so much more fun to buy running clothes lol I don't enough work stuff either.
    This will be nice post to check at the end of the year to see how you did :)

    1. Karen, the way I figure, is that I will have aches and pains... why not get a medal for it?

      That is an excellent way to see it, a gift to myself ! Thanks!

      It is so much more fun to buy running clothes! I have tried to sneakily wear running stuff here, but the reflective bands tend to be a giveaway that is a running top!!

  5. Ooh - do you have your places to see in PA list posted anywhere? I would love to see it. Hmm. As far as National Parks go, I LOVED Zion, but it's out west. Shenandoah was a fun weekend of camping for us, we were able to drive down & camp + there is a neat little town nearby we explored on our way out of town. Probably one of the closer ones to you?

    Girl - you have WAY more pairs of work pants than I do. I wear a lot of dresses because I am lazy & it means I don't have to match a top & pants.

    1. I'm working on a post on Place on my Pa bucket list, it will be up this month, check back.

      Will check out Zion, we are always up for road trips.

      I'm going to tell you my pants trick... I don't iron my pants, haven't ironed them in 5 years. I put them in the dryer and take them out after 40 minutes and hang them up on skirt hangers. So, in one dryer cycle, I have all my 4/5 pants for the week. I used to wear dresses, but it's hard to change out of dresses after work, for running or the gym.

  6. A lot of great goals! I'm still working on my list too. I want to make sure they're things I actually care about doing. I'm horrible at buying work clothes and that's something I need to work on too. But that's hard to do when also trying to save money at the same time!

    1. Yes, lots of goals ! gotta keep myself busy!

      You are right, goals have to be something you care about, it will keep you motivated.

      I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, I shop the clearance rack and keep things simple. The one big splurge I will have to make will be a work jacket!

  7. Routine can be really good, but I think changing it up is good too! I love that you want to run another marathon this year. I love following marathon training! Breaking your 5k PR is a great goal, too!


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