Coffee, My Love Story

The first time I had coffee, I was around 5.5 years old. It was instant coffee that my grandmother gave me with lots of sugar. My memory is very blurry on why she did this, but I do remember that I loved coffee after that.

My mom denies the following story, but I have verified it to be true by 2 other sisters. When I was around 6, my mom didn't have anybody delivering fresh milk at our house. In Mexico, she used to have a lot of items delivered to our house, cheese, bread, milk, fruits. Anyway, she lost her milk person, and she still wanted us to have milk, but refused to buy milk in gallons. She bought two cans of condensed milk, and made us instant coffee with condensed milk (My mom could have capitalized on the invention of Frappuccino ) It was delicious! So, again, I was hooked on coffee!

After my mother secured a milk lady, I started adding instant coffee and sugar to my milk, and drank it that way for many years, I believe until around the age of 27. Just for the record, my mom HATES that I drink coffee, and anytime that she sees me drinking coffee, she starts to list the reasons to give up coffee.

Since then, I have had brewed coffee, iced coffee, frapp coffee, coffee ice cream, espresso, lattes, mochas (<-- I have no control over my own body when I drink mochas, it's worst than being drunk), macchiato, both the Starbucks kind and the real ones, coffee candy, Vietnamese coffee <- this one is like a punch on the face, followed by hysteria. and I can say for sure, I love coffee.

I like my coffee warm, black with sugar. I don't add any creamer, it feels grainy in my coffee. I'm not sure anymore if it keeps me awake, or I just enjoy the flavor and something warm in the morning.

And because things never change, my mom will ALWAYS tell me to 1. stop drinking coffee and 2. to please add some milk or creamer to my coffee.

How do you drink your coffee?
Do you remember your first coffee?
What food/ drink does your mom want you to give up?


  1. Mmmm all these photos look delicious. I love coffee too! I love it made in a french press with a bit of heavy cream. No sugar. I started drinking coffee in high school when I'd stay up late to study for exams!

  2. I do love coffee. Since my diagnosis, people have told me I should give it up. But geez....

  3. Wow your love started so young. :) I think I started drinking coffee in college! We had a cappauccino machine when I was in high school and those were really good! BUt I don't really count that as COFFEE. Now, I drink my coffee with just a little bit of creamer- non flavored. I don't need any extra sugar.

  4. If it's good coffee, I'll drink it black. But the Keurig at work seems to make all the coffee taste burnt, so I usually add a little creamer to cut that.

    Not sure I remember my first coffee. I know my Mom and I would go to this gas station chain, Speedway, and "make coffee" which was basically a cup that was 3/4 full of their premade flavored cappuccino + a little bit of regular black coffee. That started when I was in middle school and had tons of early morning swim meets.

    I think my Mom thinks I drink a lot. But, usually when I am home I am off of work for several days so I don't feel bad having a drink or two. Which she ends up seeing.

  5. Hahaha I am drinking my coffee while reading this and nodding my head! I also started drinking coffee when I was pretty young. At first I did it because it felt like an adult thing to do, but by the time I was 12 I was hooked! Like you, I don't know if it even keeps me awake anymore, but I love the smell of coffee when it's brewing and I like the taste of it too! Ahhhhh there is literally very few scents as calming as the smell of a cup of coffee in the morning! I put creamer in mine though :)

  6. I think it's funny that your mom started your coffee addiction but hates that you drink it! I love coffee. I began drinking it in middle or high school when I was waking up for school. My parents never made me wait to an appropriate age or anything, but they started making extra coffee for my brother in the morning so then I started drinking it, too. I used to put tons of cream and sugar in, but now I prefer it black. Once in awhile I'll have a flavored coffee or add a little cream as a "treat", but for my daily coffee black is where it's at!

  7. I love coffee too :) I have a cup every day and will only drink it black now. I don't remember my first one but I don't think my mom has a problem with it! She got me hooked on lattes and keurigs anyway!


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