Week In Review - Mexico for the Win!!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful Day!  It has been a very accomplished Sunday here. Today, Mexico played Germany in the World Cup, and in case I haven't mentioned it, Roger was born in Germany and I was born in Mexico... it was a tense game, but Mexico pulled through and won the game!! 

Congratulations to the Selecion Mexicana! What an amazing game!! 

This week we ran intervals, and the only thing I remember about that day is Roger's confused math. 

Roger: We need to do 1 mile warm up, 8x .25 and 1 mile cool down for a total of 3 miles. 
Me: that's over 4 miles
Roger: No, it's not. You are not listening to what I said. One mile warm up + 8x .25 and 1 mile cool down. Do Not go over 3 miles. 
Me: Yes, I hear you. That's over 4 miles. 
Roger: No, it's 3. How many .25s is there in a mile? 
Me: there is 4 .25s in a mile. 
Roger: No, there is 8. 
Me: ... 
Roger : there is 8
Me: ... 
Roger: ... 
Me: You suck at math. How many quarters is there in $1? 
Roger: 4…

SUYB May 2018

Happy Tuesday! It's Show Us Your Book Day! 

Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

Simon Vs The Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli

I saw the trailer for the movie Love, Simon and started to wonder if it was a book, after some research I found the book. I really enjoy reading books before watching the movie. 

I really liked this book, it was very cute and it made me cry at the end. It had all the YA angst that I enjoy. Somewhere in the middle it got a little slow, but I kept reading because I really wanted to know if Simon and Blue would finally get together. Spoiler alert, the did and it was awesome!

The Dinner by Herman Koch

I picked this book at random at the library as my car audiobook. And I was very glad that it was a car book, because I would not have kept reading if I had it as a real book. The writing was very well done, and strong, hence the book being an international best seller. But the book made me very uncomfortable in so many ways! The ma…

Week In Review - Winning

Happy Sunday! I hope the weekend was wonderful and restful for you! 

My week was packed with so many things, I'm not sure which way the world is spinning. The end of baseball season and the beginning of summer have created a lot of work for this Mother! 

My scheduled got a little strange this week, because of summer schedule starting, and I didn't run as much as I should have, but still got in some quality runs. 

Roger says we are training for the Harrisburg Mile, and we ran a test mile on Wednesday. It hurt... right after we did intervals, that hurt even more. 

Since we ran on Global running day, we had to take pictures. 

He also made me do this leg swings the following day... 

Monday - 3 easy miles
Wednesday - 6 miles with intervals and a mile test
Sunday - 4 miles tempo


My son spent a couple of days with my family to start off his summer vacation. He came to see me for lunch and then took off to spend the night at grandma's !! So lucky!

We also took a short trip…

Week In Review - The Lazy Tired Week

Another great school year is done! My son is done with 3rd grade, and soon will be done with another season of baseball. This week kicked my butt, and left me really tired. 


On Memorial Day, I ran a 5K. A faster 5K than my last, but didn't beat any records. I was still happy to have gotten in those 3 miles. 

I had hoped to run another 5K last night, but it got canceled minutes before it was set to start due to to a storm. 

I finally got around to doing a 10 mile long run this Sunday. I wasn't really feeling it when I started, but it got done. 


My son finished 3rd grade this week, and to celebrate, I picked him up from school on his last day and took him for ice cream and to the playground. We also had a fun lunch date on his first day of summer vacation. I love that boy!!

This year, we are taking a few adventures and will be doing lots of exploring around. I am excited to not have to pack lunches and to not have to check homework. 


On Memoria Day, we went back…