What did I do last week? Training Review Week Sept 27-Oct 3rd

It is two weeks before the half marathon, last night I did 13 miles of running, and only took a few walking breaks. It’s hard to believe my body is capable of running 13 miles, and that I will be running the half in two weeks. I looked at the miles I did last week and felt a little disappointed in myself, only completed 17 miles…. Then I looked back and realized it wasn’t that I was lazy… I was busy!

Sunday- The Ana and Roger “We are Rungry 15K”. We wanted to do a 15K before the half marathon, but the only 15K race we could find was in Eerie PA, which is a 5 hour drive. We couldn’t afford the hotel, so we made our own 15K. Roger got us shirts and medals; we did our usual Hershey Route, but only 15 Kilometers, instead of the 12 miles we were scheduled for. It was fun! We are even talking about doing it next year.

Monday – My son was with me, rest day. My boy is awesome, but school nights are hectic and busy. I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, so we ended up getting bread, cheese and chorizo to have for dinner. My son got a bagel and ate it on the way home… he gave me a bite, it was delicious!

Tuesday – Soccer practice cancelled. 1 hour of Zumba and 5 miles on the treadmill.

I haven’t run on a treadmill since February, when I was training for the Hershey 10K, and I don’t remember it being so painful and life draining.

I love going to Zumba, the loud music, the awesome beats, the dancing! It all makes me very happy! 1 hour is about the equivalent of 2.5 miles of running and it stretches out the little bit of hip pain that I get after long runs.

Wednesday- I did 1 hour of zumba, and 3 miles on the treadmill. Either because I was tired, or haven’t run on a treadmill in a long time, but I lost my form on the treadmill and that kept bothering my ankles. It was painful. I normally do a full 20 minutes of weights, but I was tired and hungry, and had to call my son, so only did about 10 minutes.

Thursday- My son’s soccer practice, so just walked around the field during the rain. His father forgot the soccer shoes, so I had to fly back to my place to get his other sneakers.

Friday- It was raining the entire morning. We were supposed to run part of the Hershey Half course, but the rain didn’t stop at all. So the running plans turned into a rest day.

Saturday- enjoyed some warm apple treats at the National Apple Harvest Festival! And enjoyed some drizzle and cold weather… yay fall… !