Hiking- Spring 2015

So, at the beginning of the year, Roger and I started with big plans to hike tons of parks and explore more places, then in June we started half marathon training and our hiking was decreased. However, before that, we got to hike some pretty awesome spots!

Colonel Denning State Park

We hiked The Flat Rock Trail at Colonel Denning state Park after my Hershey 10K, what was at that time the longest distance I had run. My legs were not very tired, and I was determined to keep moving through the day, but I did hurt my toe nail during the race, likely because my shoes were too small. My toe was throbbing and I started to think it was broken, but that didn't stop me from going hiking.

And the 2.5 mile climb to Flat Rock was completely worth the pain. The view from up there was amazing!

Most parts of the hike were going uphill, so we had to stop to catch our breath a few times. The view was so amazing, that we would definitely go back, hopefully this time with no painful and throbbing toes.

Bald Eagle State Park

We went there in April, we had been looking at Bald Eagle all winter, anxiously waiting for the weather to warm up to make it out there. This park is one of the biggest we have visited, the lake sits in the middle of the park, with a huge beach. There is a lot of bathrooms and changing rooms, so I can only imagine this is a very busy place in the summer. We hiked about 5 miles on Hunger Trail East and West. The week before we were at Bald Eagle, there had been a lot of rain, which made the downhill and lower parts of the trail very muddy. Still a very enjoyable hike and great views of the park from the water tank.

View from the Water tank

The part of the trail that went along the road
Parts of Appalachian Trail in Carlisle PA

When I did the Irish Jig Jog 5K, I noticed that there was access to the AT from the park. One Sunday afternoon, we drove out there and hiked about 3 miles of it. The parts that went along the Conodoguinet Creek were beautiful!

Conodoguinet Creek

We also went back to Gifford Pinchot State Park in York County, because we have only hiked small sections of the  park. We went after my son's t-ball game and packed a picnic. We hiked only about 2 miles, hiking with a tired 6 year old is quite challenging... I had to keep challenging him to run, so he would move.