New obsession

New time of my life, new frustration, and new obsession. I am totally hooked on Enrique Bunbury’s songs, mostly Aunque no sea contigo and Infinito. As I’m writing this I’m singing to the top of my lung “ que ninguno de esos idiotas te supieron hace feliiiz!!”

Para los que no saben quien es Mr. Bunbury, just let me tell you first that you listen to too much pop or hip hop; not that is a bad thing, but you are missing out in Bunbury. Anyway, Mr. Bunbury is the ex-leader of the very popular Spanish (From Spain you menso, not Hispanic) Rock band Heroes del Silencio; and if you also don’t know who they are you are definitely missing out in good stuff here.

It all started with “que tengas suertecita”, la cual yo creia era la major cancion; until I heard Aunque no sea conmigo…. Beautiful song about hear break and needing that special somebody to be happy, aunque no sea contigo!!! I want to cry just thinking about it.
And just like any other obsessions of mine, I dream about meeting Mr. Bunbury and talking about the meaning of his songs…. Call me crazy, but I wish I was dreaming now.