Bird In Hand 5K- Fire Company Challege Part 1

Race Details

Cost : I ran this as a "challenge", which was the 5K and the Half marathon, and both together were $115, I signed up in March, but best prices are in December.

Goodies: 1 woman's cut tech shirt, and Amish made Whoopie Pie.

Weather Conditions: 72 F ( 22 C) , sunny with 45% humidity.

Before the 5K

I left work 1 hour early to pick up lunch, and drive to Lancaster County. My sisters still needed to be registered for the 5K, and I wanted to walk around the expo.

The expo was small, it has shirts, headbands, Amish snacks, and the table that takes orders for Amish race quilts. I had a hard time focusing on what else was at the expo, because I was worried and stressing out that my sisters would not arrive in time for the race, and I was nervous for the 5K.

My sisters arrived 15 minutes before the 5K was set to start, so I was too stress to warm up until they arrived. I ran to meet my mom and give her the tote bag I had with my change of clothes, and ran back to the start line, that was my warm up.

The 5K

We lined up to start behind the 30 minutes pacer, and we regretted that. As soon as the race started, we had a hard time swerving through the huge crowds for the first .20 of the race. After passing lots of people, I found a happy and comfortable pace.

I have said this before many times, but the races in Bird in Hand are amazing. We ran through Amish country, and farms and many Amish families were out spectating the race, and the Amish kids were the ones handing out the water and Gatorade at the water stops.

I caught this picture of an Amish family running the 5K, right before they started walking. One of the girls on front was barefoot!

My sisters and I made a deal that we would grab our Niece to finish the race with us. So as I came to the finish line, I saw my mom, my sister and my niece and went to grab her. I told her to run as fast as she could, and as soon as her feet touched the ground, she was off flying! She was a mix of scared, because she didn't see her mom, and super excited to be able to run. But she ran so fast and strong!

When we crossed the finish line, I gave her a high five and picked her up and gave her a big hug and kiss. She had a huge smile on her face! Then I grabbed her a bag of chips and water and we went to wait for my other 2 sisters.

Amish Parking lot

I finished at 27.44. I was not going for speed, only for a warm up for the next day.

The post race events are amazing, we went to the pasta dinner and the fire pit and s'mores. My mom is a homebody and doesn't enjoy being out, but she loves coming out to have dinner with the runners and the Amish families, she said it was one of the best experiences of her life.

My Mom and Niece #2. My mom is skilled at eating with one hand and holding a baby on the other!

We left after the s'mores, because Niece #2 was crying and Niece #1 was cold. One of this years, I hope my son will be able to join us for this race. This weekend he was with his Dad.

My sister making her s'more
Tomorrow: The Bird In Hand Half Recap

Does your family arrive on time for events? We suck at arriving on time for anything

Have you ever had a whoopie pie?

Does your state have Amish settlements?


  1. So do the Amish organize and put on this race?

    I need to sign up for the half this December so I get the good price. Just the half though... I'm not as adventurous as you, driving to Lancaster County two days in a row!

    1. It's manned by some Amish, like the water stops and the shirt pick ups, but mostly by the Fire Company, which is staffed with both Amish and Mennonites.

      Yes, look it up in December. I stayed at my parents on Friday night, so my drive would not be as long on Half Marathon morning, but both races are amazing.

  2. We have a small Amish community in the city we live in here. I love s'mores. I haven't had them in a long time. I can never understand how people are able to run barefoot!

    1. I read that Amish from other states find Amish from PA to be weird.

      I can't understand the barefoot thing either, but some strict Amish Families are not for some things that are too "advanced".

  3. That is so cute you running with your niece :) You had a great time for not pushing!!
    I can not imagine running like the Amish in the heavy clothing. I have never seen any close to area, but there are very small settlements in VA west of me.
    Sounds like a fun day!

    1. My niece was so precious!! Maybe next year she will do the kids race.

      Amish runners are amazing for running in their heavy clothing and SO FAST!


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